Timbuk2 Power Commute and Power Q – Bags With Power! [CES 2013]

promo_power timbuk2The famous San-Francisco based laptop bag company Timbuk2 came to the 2013 CES with a lot to show. Not only did they introduce their anticipated power line; they added bags for specifically for the iPad Mini and the Amazon Kindle. Timbuk2 has come a long way since bike messenger bags. Their new lineup is suitable for the woman on the go!

Last month I reviewed a Timbuk2 classic messenger bag. I even took it with me to the 2013 CES. I enjoyed their collection a lot; so I am excited about the new additions to their growing line.

Timbuk2 Messenger bag
At CES Timbuk2 announced two new bags – two powered bags! I am all about power on the go; so this is great news. Timbuk2 has teamed up with Joey Energy to bring you the Power Commute and Power Q.

Both of these bags come with a Joey T1 power unit. The Joey T1 has a water resistant case. It’s compact and slim with a satellite USB port. So anything with a USB drive you can charge with the bag.

Read the presser below for more details

Press Release

Timbuk2 has partnered with Joey® Energy to offer the first series of purpose-built bags with a power supply to charge a variety of electronics while on the move. As a result of this collaboration, Timbuk2 unveils two new bags – the Power Commute and Power Q.

Not for individual sale, the Joey® T1 power supply is designed with rugged electronics and a tough, water resistant case. Offering a very slim design and wire with a satellite USB port, the Joey® T1 unit features include:

-Energy on the Move – Consumers can charge the T1 before a business trip or vacation to provide up to weeks of charging while in the bag. No more searching for power outlets while on the go.

-One Source for Power Supply – Charges virtually any technology that charges via a USB cable, including smartphones and phones, iPads and Kindles, iPods and other MP3 players, GPS units, tablet computers, etc., eliminating the need for multiple cords.

-Purpose-Built for Life Integrated in a Bag – It’s USB ports and LEDs are built into a “satellite” unit in a dedicated compartment inside of the Timbuk2 bag with ports to thread the charger cable to the iPad/tablet compartment or smartphone pocket inside the bag.

-Extremely Efficient Cooling Capabilities – Ensures longer life of electronics and Joey.

-Button-Free – It’s powerful computer simply does what is needed without input from the user and
won’t run the risk of accidentally turning the unit on or off.

-Convenient Pass-Through Mode – Both Joey and the user’s device can be charged from a single
wall outlet cable.

-Recyclable – Designed to be recycled at any of the many thousands of electronics recycling
points throughout the U.S. and the world. Recycling information is available with bag purchase.

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