Introducing the In-Ear Spark and Spark Wireless Headphones From Focal

Focal is known for their high end headphones. Yesterday, the French company unveiled their latest line of headphones. Their new in-ear Spark (wired) and Spark Wireless are the new additions to the earbud collections, since the Sphear in-ear buds. They are both in-ear headphones. They both have 3-button controls. Focal says the Spark Wireless will last for 8 hours.

Pricing and Availability

The wired Spark headphones come in black, silver, or blue aluminum finish. The Spark wireless comes in black, silver, or pink aluminum finish. The blue and pink finishes will be available in July.

Pricing for the in-ear Spark (wired) headphones is $69 and for the Spark Wireless $99.

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From the Press Release 

Spark and Spark Wireless Headphones from Focal

Spark and Spark Wireless –  Mobile In-Ear Headphones As a follow up to the successful Sphear in-ear headphones, Focal created the new Spark line to provide the mobile and connected consumer access to the exceptional Focal sound and performance at an affordable price.

A new way to listen Spark has a dynamic and wide frequency response with a 9.5mm Mylar driver to make quality sound accessible at an affordable price. Spark opens the door to fans of dematerialized music who want to enjoy their favorite songs differently and to experience a more authentic sound, leaving no room for monotony. Spark offers the perfect sound for music from all music platforms in the modern age of streaming and downloading.

Careful design Designed in France, Spark delivers Focal’s quality sound in a stylish, lightweight and comfortable in-ear headphone. The body of the aluminum headphones and the three-button remote control with omnidirectional microphone give it an elegant look. The silicone earplugs, the soft touch, flat anti-tangle cable and the rigid carrying case make it easily accessible and practical to use. Spark’s shape and weight, only 0.03 lbs., offer comfort for long listening sessions.

Wireless freedom Spark Wireless is the first Bluetooth® headset designed by Focal. Completing the Spark series, Spark Wireless is a high-quality ultra-nomad headphone providing music enthusiasts with comfort, quality listening and total freedom of movement. Focal has the in-ear solution for the mobile and connected audience to listen at any moment with complete freedom.

Spark and Spark Wireless Availability & Pricing Spark and Spark Wireless are now available in Black and Silver from retail and online partners for $69.00 USD / $89.00 CAD and $99.00 USD / $139.00 CAD, respectively.

Spark Blue Cobalt and Spark Wireless Rose Gold will be available mid to late July.

Spark Wireless come with three pairs of silicone tips (size S, M, L), a USB cable, a battery clip for sports activities and a rigid carrying case. Included with each pair of Spark are three pairs of silicone tips (size S, M, L) and a rigid carrying case.

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