Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands Review

Besides the actual tech we review, the shelves, and stands we use are important. For many the setup is equally as important as the gadgets they use. I recently got a the wireless Sonos Speaker Stands from Sanus.

DesignSanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands for Sonos One Play 1 - Stock


There are different versions of the Sanus stands. The point of these stands is obviously for desired placement, but also, to have it at the manufacturers recommended height for optimal listening. The Sanus stands are 34 inches tall and they place the speaker about 40 inches off the floor. The base works on both carpet or floor since you can choose to place spikes (for carpet) or rubber feet for bare floor. These stands work for the Sonos Play:1, Play:3, and Sonos One speakers. When mounting the Play:3, you can mount it vertically or horizontally, which is pretty cool.



What you see is what you get really with these stands. Setup is rather easy. Screw the floor plate to the base and that’s pretty much it to get it to stand. Remember before mounting the stand to the floor plate to run the cables through. Once the floor plate is mounted to the cables won’t fit. So run the cables down the pole first.  At the top you have to attach the mounting bracket. It allows the speaker to be docked securely without the cables sticking out. Since we decided to mount the Play:1 speakers, we didn’t need to use the Keep in mind that the cable will run from the top of the stand, all the way through the stand before coming out of the base. You will probably need an extension cord to connect the speaker to the outlet, depending on the distance of where you place the speaker and base and the outlet. There’s a trigger “key” used to help adjust the height of the stands.

Parts - Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands for Sonos One Play 1 - Review


Sound Difference

I’ve placed my speakers on both middle shelves and top shelves of my entertainment center. After putting them on the stands, I do feel they project slightly better and I do get more coverage. Working with the playbase, the sound is fills the entire living room, but now no matter where you’re seated in the living room you can hear the music evenly.

Floor Plates - Base - Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands for Sonos One Play 1 - Review

Pricing and Availability

Sanus wireless stand are available in both black and white. There is a standard version and an adjustable height version. You can save a bit by buying a pair of stands. You can get 2 stands for $150. They also have various mounting brackets for different speakers. Sanus has a “Mountfinder Tool” to help you find the mount you’re looking for (try out the mounting tool HERE). Check out for more information.

Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands for Sonos One Play 1 - Review

Who Should Get This

If you’re using your Sonos speakers as part of a 2.1 home theater setup, it’s definitely a go. The stands set the speakers up at an even height. The projection of the sound is a lot more “full” since you can place the stands where you need them to be. It creates such a clean look, I think anyone would enjoy having these.


The Sanus Wireless Sonos speakers are great addition to any setup. Whether you’re going for the small home theater or minimalistic look, the Sanus stands can help you out in the sound department.

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