About Us

About Us
Started in July 2011, TechWeLike set out to be the definitive location for tech news and reviews for women. In September 2011, this site was built to be for women, by women about the tech news, topics, reviews and conversation that matter to us. We jokingly say, “No boys allowed” we do however, adore men who don’t mind partaking in our fun conversations which cover everything from emerging technology to the latest “it” gadget, while throwing in some fashionable accessory tips and (coming soon) fitness trends.

TechWeLike, isn’t a cutesy, pink frills, and ribbons tech site (although some of us do love glitter and the color pink). We strive to primarily be a place where you will find real, hands on, consumer talk about gadgets, fashionable accessories and technology. Serving up real user reviews minus the “fluff”. It’s what we really think even if we don’t like a product (that happens sometimes too). TechWeLike aims to helps women keep up with the latest technical trends and make them more fashionable and customized. We also cover our digital world; social media, eBooks and web. Since fitness and “family” products are also important to us, we’ll be adding that too.

We are women who live tech & gadgets, so we blog about it. TechWeLike is the sister site of G Style Magazine and a few of us pull double duty on both sites. G Style Magazine and TechWeLike are both media properties of Versatile Media Group.

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PR friendly, Real User Reviews; email Tej at tjordan at gstylemag.com to find out how to get your products to one of our editors.

Tech We Like Staff and Contributors:

TJ JordanTejor “TJ’ Jordan / Editor in Chief

Tejor Jordan (AKA Tej) is the Editor in Chief for Tech We Like. Her first love is tech but her love for travel and fashion feed off of each other as well, meaning that she’s just as interested in the latest gadgets as she is in how portable they are and the accessories that go with them. The native New Yorker currently calls central Florida home, but travels often to attends/cover various press/launch events wherever they take place as often as possible. Her love of all things techie yet fashionable has been inherited by her son. She often infuses his input into her reviews which come from the perspective of a busy, budget conscious and active mom.

TJ personally carries both an iPhone and an Android and has no OS preference. Looking to find out how to get your products featured on our site or have one of your events covered? Contact TJ

E-Mail: tjordan at techwelike dot com
Twitter: @Tejizlyke

Analie-Cruz-Tech-Editor-Blogger-Digital-Lifestyle-Latina-BloggerAnalie Cruz / Senior Editor

Analie Gadget Girl Cruz (AKA YummyANA) is the Mobile Editor for Tech We Like. She specializes in mobile reviews, press release updates for the site. She loves often engaging with readers on the site and on over social media. You can catch Analie at launch events for the latest devices. A big fan of all things technology, she uses gadgets for work and fun.

Your typical girly girl, one phone isn’t enough. Currently using an iPhone 6S Plus  and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Analie doesn’t have a preference when it comes to an OS. As like many gadget fiends, smartphones aren’t her only specialty; tablets, headphones, speakers, portable gaming, accessories, food, venues, and even bags to carry all your gadgets in are very important to Analie since she is your typical New Yorker on-the-go.

E-Mail: acruz at techwelike dot com

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Angelina-Montanez-Gaming-Editor-Blogger-Digital-Lifestyle-BloggerAngelina Montanez/ Gaming Editor

Angelina Montanez is the Gaming Editor for Tech We Like. Not only does she keep us up to date with the latest gaming news and reviews she also reviews some of the latest gadgets that are out today. When she’s not reviewing the latest gadgets or games you can find her traveling all over the U.S. at the latest gaming tournaments.

Email: amontanez at techwelike dot com 
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