Red Bull eSports Announces New Web Series: Changing Lanes

Red Bull eSports is allowing fans to get a more in-depth look on what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to professional gaming. In this new four-part series, fans will get to follow Jimmy on his journey to International 4, the Dota 2 championship, with a prize pool worth $11 million.

In the series called “Changing Lanes” Fans will get to see Jimmy Ho. He is better known by his gamer name “DeMoN” and is one of the most notorious Dota 2 champions. His playing style is considered “brash” and high risk, but it also gets him high rewards and is the reason why his catch phrase is know around the world as: “Classic Jimmy”.

Fans will tune in to see DeMoN struggle with team changes and when he hits his highs throughout the game, as well as his lows. For those of you who feel like professional gaming is just some kids having fun doing something they like you will get to see how frustrating this can be for these players.

The series will be streamed every Monday through July 27 at
and on the Red Bull eSports Channel on YouTube