Street Fighter V: The “Spanish Ninja” Vega [Trailer]

Today Capcom has announced a new fighter to the roster. The company brings us the Spanish Ninja better known as, Vega. This time around Vega brings us a brand new set of tricks. I’m sure you can tell, he has a whole new look to him but not to worry, Vega still has his trademark speed. Vega now has two separate fighting modes. He has the claw or no-claw. While fighting in “no Claw” this will give him access to command grabs but will also have new attacks. This will allow for players to switch between to different styles while using him.

If you are attending Gamescom this week you will be able to see the Spanish Ninja in action with an all new playable build, which will be available at the Sony Booth in Hall 7 Booth C-020. Vega won’t be the only character featured, you will also get to play recently announced fighters such as, Necalli, Birdie and Nash, Ken, Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy and M. Bison

Street Fighter V will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC in Spring 2016.