Top 5 Games You Should Play On Halloween

As most of us gear up for Halloween this weekend, many of you are getting into it by watching some of the scariest movies that have ever been out, or getting your costume together for an upcoming party. For those of us who would rather stay home, but still want to enjoy the horror and fear factor that Halloween brings – I have composed a list of the games that will literally have you jumping out your seat. Here are the Top 5 Games You Should Play On Halloween:

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly


Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is one of those games that has that old school horror film feel. The gritty and creepy feel the game has makes anyone who plays it – feel like you are in a horror movie yourself. In the game, enemies are all over, do you know where? Because they are ghosts you are not able to touch them, or see them, but you know that they are always there – which made me freak out throughout the whole game. While playing, you can use Obscura camera – it’s a magical device that is used for hunting spirits. This game had me on edge the whole time.

Alien: Isolation


I swear, I thought this game was going to give me a heart attack. If you’ve played Alien: Isolation, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It seems like everything is fine, you’re walking through stages looking around – you usually can hear if something is nearby, do you think that happened in this game? Nope! Enemies would jump out of nowhere making a horrible noise, which had me actually jumping out of my chair. I thought – maybe it was just that part of the game, I was wrong – After having to brace myself (I would take a deep breath and wait a minute) before entering a room another group of enemies jumped out, and at that point I threw my controller on the floor and said “F@*k this”. Good luck if you try to play Alien: Isolation, and make sure you play with the lights on!

Silent Hill 4: The Room


In Silent Hill 4: The Room the company decide to go a different route with the series. Players took on the role of, Henry Townshend, and he is trapped in his apartment, which is cursed – now this is where it gets good. You begin to uncover clues as to why you got trapped in your apartment, this makes for a tense scenario, enemies are gross and hideous, and having them coming at you will have anyone on edge. The simple fact of not knowing what’s about to happened to you, being stuck in a room that allows you to go to other alternate worlds and coming across the undead can drive you insane, and keep you on your feet.

Five Nights at Freddy’s


Do you have a fear of someone chasing you? If you do, you probably won’t like playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. The whole game makes you feel uncomfortable, players can actually see when something is about to scare you, but even then – you can still be caught getting scared. The screaming demons that start running after you gives you a very uneasy feeling. The whole game makes you feel weird and actually messes with your mind. The gritty graphics add to the feel of being in an old horror movie.

Dead Space


While playing Dead Space you won’t feel the same fear as you would by playing Alien: Isolation. Dead Space plays with your mind, the tension of being confined and basically feeling helpless with so many monster coming after you. The game leaves you feeling helpless in a place where you don’t want to be, and being left with hardly any ammunition, or team to help you through this mess. With some of the most incredibly aggressive gameplay and having 5.1 sound system provides players with some of the most remarkable scary moments you will come across in any game.