How to Fully Benefit From Moving to the Cloud

[Written By External Partner]

The cloud can be a transformative tool for you and your business. It can keep your data safe, skyrocket staff productivity and even make it easier to run your business remotely. Like any powerful tool, however, it can be daunting to know where to start with getting the most out of the cloud.

In fact, it could require you to completely change the way you do business in order to get the best out of the cloud’s potential, and yours. 

Here’s how to fully benefit from moving to the cloud:

Mix your teams up

One of the best ways to maximize your cloud usage is to diversify your teams of staff. What this means is, get different people working with each other on projects, and encourage different departments to collaborate together. The cloud allows you to host large teams of people all in one place on one platform. Your staff can collaborate in real time with no glitches, lags or arduous data sharing via email or other means. 

Make the most of this by injecting a sense of fun and freshness into your teamwork. The best ideas come from a fresh set of heads, so prevent your business from developing a stale atmosphere by combining people who never usually work together.

This also boosts morale and will likely help staff retention, too.

Use security protection

To fully benefit from moving to the cloud, you need the peace of mind that your data is protected and to safeguard yourself from online security threats. However, you really don’t want to lumber yourself with tricky-to-use and slow-to-implement products. This will minimize the benefits of the cloud and leave you trailing behind your competitors. 

Instead, it’s worth looking into a dedicated protection platform, such as the McAfee CNAPP, in order to fully reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Maximize productivity

A brilliant way to transform your business is by using the cloud to zone in on productivity

Cloud services offer one benefit above all else – freedom. The freedom and flexibility to have loads of your staff all accessing the same project online, pouring over data and thinking of new ways to solve problems. This is something you can’t replicate – save for hiring out a huge meeting hall. 

Data can be shared instantly and easily, minimizing the time it takes to find and send documents over individually, waiting on the server to load or communicate with colleagues. Encourage an ethos of mass collaboration and ideas sharing to fully benefit from this feature.

Work remotely

This may require some left-field thinking, but why not consider the benefits of working remotely

The cloud allows staff to collaborate and share data wherever they are in the world with zero interruption or money-sapping delays. Considering the problems that the COVID-19 crisis has thrown up for office-based businesses, the cloud offers a fantastic way to by-pass downtime and offer staff the opportunity to work elsewhere.  While this may not be a benefit for some companies, utilizing this flexibility is a key way to fully benefit from moving to the cloud.