What Makes Apple’s App Store Different

[Written By External Partner]

The Apple App Store is a digital distribution platform that allows people to buy and download digital software and applications. Apps is an abbreviation for applications, and they are tools that enable mobile phones users to add functionality to their devices’ operating system. For example, if you are a sports betting fan, you will need to download the Betway app to access the sports betting services. The same applies to many other services.

So, what makes Apple’s App Store Unique?


However, Apple’s App Store is not your usual app store. It comes with several unique features that stand out from the rest. Apple claims they built the App Store to make it effortless for people from all walks of life to use it. Since it was launched in 2008, the App Store has paid developers 260 billion USD.  

The App Store is for users having iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. It is one ecosystem having five platforms available in 40 different languages. Moreover, it is available in 175 regions, and it attracts 500 million visitors each week. There are also a whopping 1.5 billion Apple devices globally.

Users can access apps, games, and sticker packs from the App Store. You will also get automatic access to a user base that confidently buys content through the flawless and secure buying experience of the App Store. The App Store also has the Apple Arcade, allowing users to be part of a unique game subscription service.  


Apple also boasts a powerful infrastructure. The platform offers a dominant range of cutting-edge tools and configurations. Consequently, developers can create innovative apps that shape culture and change lives using the best Apple technologies.

Moreover, Apple boasts hundreds of sustainability and reliability engineers who ensure Apple services are available at all times. The engineers also maintain the company’s dedicated data centers. What’s more, they are all powered by 100% renewable energy.

The Apple Store’s distribution is made effortless, reliable, and secure. For example, it has unlimited hosting and bandwidth for all its apps. Users can also access in-app purchases, updates, and machine learning models.

Apple also handles a global payment processing system. You can make payments using credit and debit cards. Moreover, you can use digital wallets, iTunes gift cards, or carrier billing, depending on your region. This makes it easy for users of ecommerce sites and betting platforms like Betway to transact online without any hitches. 

Built-In Business and Marketing Opportunities

Users can choose from eight business models, including:

  • Free
  • Free with in-app purchases
  • Free with advertising
  • Free with physical goods and services
  • Free with subscription
  • Paid
  • Reader
  • Cross-platform

App owners can offer introductory offers, offer codes for subscriptions, and promotional offers. It also allows users to pre-order your new app and receive it through automatic download when it is released. Moreover, users can bundle up to ten apps in a single purchase. You can also use Apple Search Ads to help promote your app at the top of relevant searches.

Exclusive Analytics

You can also access exclusive analytics to enable you to plan your next course of action. The App Store usually analyzes billions of anonymized data points to offer developers critical insights. As a result, you can determine your app’s performance with data that you cannot find anywhere else. For example, you can view your sales, trends, downloads, and financial reports.

Marketing and Business Guidance

The App Store has a feature called Marketing Resources and Identity Guidelines. This feature offers the artwork and messaging you need for your marketing. It also explains how to publicize your apps on the app store.