I Miss My Google Maps!!!

Having a Windows Phone 7 device may have it’s many ups but, as a navigating mom I would have to say Bing maps for me is a down factor. I definitely prefer Google Maps over Bing Maps. One of the reasons why I love Google is because in all reality, we don’t all have cars and if you live in New York City, Public transportation is your convenience for getting around. That’s where Google maps come into play. Google maps give you bus and subway directions whereas Bing lacks and limit you to only car directions.

Next is the all so sweet GPS, I really enjoyed using my GPS feature on Google Maps so once your off the subway or bus, you had fairly easy walking directions to keep you on the right track getting from point A to point B. Let’s face it, having kids, who has time to get lost. You just want to be able to get to your destination and not have your kids tugging and pulling you every which way and your ready to rip your hair out cause you can’t figure out where the heck your going. Ok, it’s not that serious! *insert smiley face*

Lastly, the feature on Google maps that I have come to love so much was dragging that little yellow man over the map, revealing exactly how the destination you are trying to locate appears. My sense of direction is not all that bad, I have just become spoiled with Google’s awesome features when I previously had my Blackberry and Palm Pre. Sorry Windows but, your Bing just don’t do it for me. And, to add insult to injury failure, Windows Phone 7 has added a dull feature of giving customers limited access to Google transit directions. I would enjoy Windows Phone 7 so much more if the options were available. but, of course I’m bias, Google Maps would win hands down. I guess it’s time to change my phone unless Windows Phone 7 get with the program and either upgrade Bing to give similar if not better features than Google. Til then I MISS MY GOOGLE MAPS!