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Started in July 2011, TechWeLike set out to be the definitive location for tech news and reviews for women. In September 2011, this site was built to be for women, by women about the tech news, topics, reviews and conversation that matter to us. We jokingly say, “No boys allowed” we do, however, adore men who don’t mind partaking in our fun conversations which cover everything from emerging technology to the latest “it” gadget, while throwing in some fashionable accessory tips and fitness trends.

TechWeLike, isn’t cutesy, pink frills, and ribbons tech site, (although some of us do love glitter and the color pink). We strive to primarily be a place where you will find real, hands-on, consumer talk about gadgets, fashionable accessories, and technology. Serving up real user reviews minus the “fluff”. It’s what we really think even if we don’t like a product (that happens sometimes too). TechWeLike aims to helps women keep up with the latest technology trends and make them more fashionable and customized. We also cover our digital world; social media, eBooks, and web. Since fitness and “family” products are also important to us, so you’ll see some of that on the site too. You will also see us covering special events and product launch events. Don’t let the name mislead you, it’s more than tech. We cover lots of lifestyle and gear. Learn more about us and reach out.

We are women who live tech & gadgets, so we blog about it for a large female audience.  TechWeLike is a media property of Versatile Media Group and CHELCA Publishing.

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Tech We Like Staff and Contributors (Updated February 27, 2019):

Analie-Cruz-Tech-Editor-Blogger-Digital-Lifestyle-Latina-BloggerAnalie Cruz / Managing Editor

Analie Gadget Girl Cruz (AKA AnalieNYC ) is a Managing Editor for Tech We Like. She specializes in mobile reviews, press release updates for the site. She loves often engaging with readers on the site and on social media. You can catch Analie at launch events for the latest devices. A big fan of all things technology, she uses gadgets for work and fun.

Your typical tech lover, one phone isn’t enough. She’s currently using an iPhone Xs, Google Pixel 2 XL and a Samsung Note9. Analie doesn’t have a preference when it comes to an OS. Your typical New Yorker on-the-go, Analie is interested in mobile gaming, headphones, and even gear to carry all your gadgets in.

E-Mail: ac at techwelike dot com
Twitter: @AnalieNYC
Instagram: @AnalieNYC

Tatiana King / Contributing Writer

Tatiana King Jones, the self-proclaimed, “Grand Duchess of Tech” is a podcaster, writer, editor and producer. A veteran in the podcast space, she is one if the hosts of the award-winning ForAllNerds Show, which dives into pop and geek culture from the perspective of people of color. She has also hosted two seasons of State Farm’s “Colorfull Lives” with Angela Yee and Hey Fran Hey. She has been featured in numerous publications and digital properties such as Netflix’s “What Had Happened Was” webseries, Essence Digital, and Okayplayer. She has spoken at a variety of venues including EssenceFest, The Schomburg Center, New York Comic Con, Arise360TV Entertainment and South by Southwest. She has also written for a variety of publications including mic.com and awesomelytechie.com where she specializes in demystifying consumer tech devices.

E-Mail: tk at techwelike dot com
Twitter: @TatianaKing
Instagram: @TatianaKing