App of The Week: PicPlz

By now you’ve heard of Instagram, the iOS photo app the allows you to put photo filters on your photos and share digitally.

My problem with Instagram is that it’s iOS only. They have a message on their site that they’ll put out other platforms when they perfect the iOS version. The message has been up since Instagram launched, so I see no movement in making other platforms coming anytime soon.

So what’s a girl to do if they want to share cell photos? PicPlz is the answer!

PicPlz is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) and Android. Set up your account and you can share pics across the main site (people can subscribe to your page), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, Dropbox and Foursquare. With Foursquare, the app will also “check-in” to the location you connect pic to. All done in less then 2 minutes through one app.

This is great for sharing with everyone in your social media world. Each pic taken you can check where you want it to be posted. Don’t want location shared, just uncheck. You can also put short message about pic as well.

Will I use Instagram when it comes to Android…probably not, already PicPlz does more with same filters (actually I think more filters).

For the pic sharing apps available, I give PicPlz 5 stars. It’s the best out so far.