Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera!

So while surfing the internet today, I came across a very interesting picture of a ball. As I looked closer at the ball I noticed that it had all these cameras attached to it and decided to find out more information on this intriguing device. This device I speak of is the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera!

Now, imagine yourself somewhere outdoors at a ball game, nature walk or, indoors at a party or concert, and you just wanted to capture the beauty of your surroundings? Well since the Panoramic ball has a 360 degree view, you can capture such feat just by throwing it up in the air. How cool is that? One can only wonder what makes this ball so different from any other device out there that have the ability to produce 360 degree panoramic view.

Well for starters, the ball camera has 36 cellphone cameras stored inside. The modules are set in a 3D-printed, ball-shaped enclosure that is padded with green foam (as pictured). The cameras are independently capable of producing 2 mega pixel images. Once the ball reaches height the accelerometer is used to launch acceleration giving it the ability take full spherical panorama shots. Afterwards, you can transfer your photos to your PC to view. There is an application that you would have to use. It seems that simple! That would be a go for me to want to test it out for sure.

The company that has produced the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is by a computer graphics group based in TU, Berlin. The Patent for the this wonderful contraption is pending. I would like to pose this question, If the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera came to the market, would you run out and purchase?