Denon’s New Line of Headphones – Something for Every Type of Woman

Denon has been around for a while. Known for high-end receivers and audio accessorie; Denon is taking a serious dip into the headphone department. While they have had good headphones before; they are coming out with a new line of headphones which has something for everyone. And I mean everyone!

This new line of Denon headphones will be accompanied by apps for both iOS and Android to help enhance the sound and overall user experience. Tailoring sounds and settings help . This line of headphones have features that are essential in certain situations.

These are for the ultimate audiophile. The Music Maniac AH-D7100 are built with quality and class. Since hardcore audiophiles usually prefer to make their own cables, this set offers two cable connections (while also supplying two cables). One cable which is 10 feet long is 99.99999% oxygen-free with a gold-plated adapter jack (for in-home listening). The other cable is three feet long with controls for your smartphone. With a 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Driver; the sound quality is delivered at a max level with immaculate clarity. It is designed to deliver “the performance of a box loudspeaker”. The ear cups are pentagonally shaped and made of real African Mahogany Wood. I couldn’t believe how clear the acoustics were on these professionally tuned headphones. You’re definitely getting what you pay for; as this lovely set will set you back $1199.99. I will have to think long and hard before investing in these. You can showcase these prized headphones on a beautiful stand (included).
The in-ear version (AH-C400) is a little softer on the pockets at $349.99

These light-weight noise-canceling headphones are for the traveling woman. These headphones have an integrated amplifier that provide high quality sound. Equipped wiht 3.0 Bluetooth and a microphone to wireless connect to your smartphone and/or media player to make music listening a lot easier on-the-go. With the Denon control wheel; you can control volume, answer/end calls, and control the music. Navigating through busy airports and your luggage is not a huge tangled mess anymore. The battery life on these headphones is about 10 hours. If the battery dies out or you’re instructed by the flight crew to turn off all wireless devices; you can plug in the audio cable (right ear cup) and continue listening to music. These also feature the pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads. This travel companion will set you back $499.99. These are a must for those who practically live in airports
There is also a behind-the-head in-ear version of the Globe Cruiser (AH-W200). These are unbelievably comfortable as well. ($179.99)

For ultimate bass performance and a nice treble, you would choose Denon’s Urban Raver headphones. These are tailored for those ladies who listen to heavy bass music such as hip-hop, techno, latin beats. These headphones come equipped with a 50mm driver, a built-in headphone amplifier and a rechargeable battery. When listening to music on these headphones you have the option of having the amplifier on or off. When the amplifier is on you’ll have a pulsating bass with the tracks. These are great if you’d like to be wireless while on the go. These headphones can be used wirelessly for about 12 hours. Of course when the battery runs out, the music doesn’t have to stop as you can connect your auxiliary cable to continue. The Denon control wheel on this is illuminated with an LED light. Style and features aren’t lacking. These headphones are definitely for the trend setters out there. I’ve never seen a design like these. The user experience with these headphones are enhanced with the Denon Club App. Tweak your equalizer and find out the lyrics to a song with ease. You can also let your social community know what track you’re listening to with updates to Facebook and Twitter. These fashionable headphones will set you back $399.99. Completely worth it to me!
There is also an in-ear headphone version of Denon’s Urban Raver AH-C300 ($249.99).

I really can’t wait to use these out in the open. I personally know how annoying working out with cables are. Denon’s Exercise Freak headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless streaming. Making jogging a lot more comfortable. Those annoying cables in the way. The battery lasts for seven hours. Of course; controlling music and answering calls are made easier with the controls located o the ear pieces. These headphones work hand in hand with Denon’s Sport App. You can log your workouts, you can map your jogging routes, or follow a previous jogging route you took before. The app even encourages you with updates on your progress.

I can’t wait to review a couple of these headsets. I was really impressed in the short amount of time I spent testing them out.