Samsung EX2F: Smart Camera

Samaung has announced the nationwide availability of the latest model in its extensive range of Wi-Fi enabled SMART Cameras, the EX2F compact camera, for $499.99. Boasting a bright f/1.4 lens for premium image quality and performance, the EX2F builds on the success of its predecessor, the TL500.

Additionally, with full manual control in a strong yet lightweight magnesium body, the sleek EX2F is a great option for professional photographers seeking something more portable than a DSLR or for aspiring photographers looking for a step-up in quality from a point-and-shoot while keeping the same convenience and ease-of-use.

Timed to the start of the holiday shopping season which kicks off in early fall, the EX2F packs enough punch to impress even the most discerning shutterbugs.

“Samsung continues to blaze the trail in the SMART Camera space and the addition of Wi-Fi to the EX2F, coupled with the brightest lens, give this camera a pedigree far above others in its class,” said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America. “As consumers start to compile gift lists for the 2012 holiday season, the EX2F has the prowess and flexibility to be at the top of the lists for even the most tech-savvy.”

Clever Handling, Creative Control

No matter the shooting conditions, the EX2F delivers top-caliber image quality, thanks to a number of features. The industry-leading advanced f/1.4 24mm wide-angle lens and wide aperture deliver clear images and video even in very low light conditions. The EX2F excels in dim atmospheres with a 1/1.7-inch 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor to achieve crisp, blur-free images regardless of the lighting.

The EX2F also incorporates full manual control as well as Aperture and Shutter Priority modes. The Dual Dial and front wheel keys allow photographers to quickly and easily adjust exposure for effortless manual control. These features keep the EX2F ahead of the curve in the point and shoot category, offering effortless versatility typically offered in higher-end interchangeable lens cameras.

Housed in a compact and lightweight body, the sleekly-designed EX2F is easy to carry anywhere and capture spontaneous shots at a moment’s notice. The 3-inch Swivel AMOLED display is perfect for lining up great shots and viewing them under any lighting conditions.

The quick-responding screen responds displays images in high contrast, while the swivel functionality allows picture-taking from low and high angles with minimal effort. The screen also touts Samsung’s Smart Panel user interface, which packs all shooting options and image parameters into one menu screen for easy control over the final image.

The camera also delivers 1080p Full HD Movie Recording at 30 frames per second, with stereo sound for exceptional quality video that begs to be enjoyed on a Full HD TV. Plus, with the Dual Capture feature, 12-megapixel photos and HD video can be captured simultaneously, so that any scene can be remembered in both photo and video.

Snap Bright Images in Low-Light Conditions

The EX2F’s f/1.4 24mm wide-angle lens is roughly four times as bright as an f/2.8 camera lens, and the lens unit now consists of 11 elements in nine groups, with four aspherical lenses and two high refractive lenses. This combination allows for an increase in the amount of light on the sensor, resulting in an increase in both image quality and zoom ratio.

Designed with a built-in Neutral Density filter, the lens gives the user greater control over exposure time in different conditions and gives photos a more neutral appearance even when over-exposed. It also allows for shooting at a very shallow depth of field to isolate subjects from the background for stunning portraits. To make bright images clearer, the EX2F also includes Dual Optical and Digital Image Stabilization (OIS and DIS) to minimize the effect of camera shake– especially useful in low-light situations.

Share in Real-Time

With images so good they have to be shared, the EX2F takes the combination of high-quality imaging paired with connectivity to a new level. Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to connect to wireless networks without the need for any additional cards or devices, making it seamless to share and store photos and video directly from the camera. In addition, sharing to social networking sites such as Facebook or Picasa is easy and pictures can also be sent directly via email.

The Samsung Mobile Link application makes it quick and easy to transfer photos from the camera directly to a supported phone or tablet, using a free app. Users can also access the Remote Viewfinder app to use their smartphone or tablet’s screen to frame shots from a variety of angles.

Wouldn’t mind using this camera, using the Samsung mobile link makes it easier to have the pictures transfer over to my mobile phone or tablet.