ReadyCase: Transforms iPhone into MacGyver-Like Gadget

ReadyCase, the multi-functional iPhone case that conceals seven handy tools in a svelte design, recently debuted on Indiegogo, raising upwards of $50,000 in the first week, with 21 days of pledging still left to go through October 24th.

“If I’m going to carry something around everywhere I go, it should be useful. The ReadyCase philosophy is simple: it’s an iPhone case that’s actually useful,” said Tony Vallone, ReadyCase Co-Founder. “We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback on our concept and design reaching nearly 1,000 contributors so far, and we’ve decided to sweeten the deal by future proofing iPhone 4/4S owners – every contribution will receive case bodies for both the iPhone 4/4S and 5.” ReadyCase’s integrated headphone clip keeps headphones tidy and tangle-free.

Users can attach a variety of iPhone-specific lenses via the quick-snap lens ring, enhancing photos with unique perspectives, including macro lenses for extreme close-ups, fish eye lenses to create hemispherical styles, as well as wide angle lenses which capture big pictures and eliminate the irritating frame crop in video mode (pledge packages starting at $60 come standard with all three lens).

The integrated multi-tool, which will come in black and silver color options, sports a standard blade, serrated blade, flat head screwdriver and bottle opener – ideal for a range of activities, from quick handy work to tailgating. For those concerned about airport security, the multi-tool can be removed (and checked with luggage or left at home when flying), and the option to purchase an inexpensive replacement knife will be available after launch.

Made of aerospace grade composite materials, ReadyCase houses these highly functional tools within its durable, slim design about a tenth of an inch thick (less than 3 mm). On an iPhone 5, the ReadyCase is barely bigger than an iPhone 4. It’s one of the least-bulky case options out there.

Support ReadyCase by pledging your contribution at and receive case bodies for both the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 (on all pledge amounts) when they begin shipping in February 2013. The included multi-tool and USB drive can be used interchangeably with either case body so iPhone 4/4S owners can continue to use the ReadyCase if they upgrade to the iPhone 5. Pledges start at $40 (8GB) and go up in increments, including $50 (16GB), $60 (16GB with lens set – macro, wide and fisheye), $150 (16GB limited edition with lens set plated in gold zinc), and upwards into retail/distributor packages. All pledges are offered at discounted rates from the projected retail.