Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook: Sexy and Slick

The Series 9 was also show cased last night, this Super-slim at .58″ thin and amazingly lightweight 3.63lbs. If it weren’t so gorgeous you might not even notice it.

Rethink Brightness

SuperBright Plus displays are up to twice as bright as standard notebook screens, and reproduce up to 16 million colors. Another reason the new Samsung Series 9 is stunning both inside and out.

Set Your Laptop to Stun

The Series 9 is striking to look at, but it also sets a premium performance standard. With extremely fast start-up speeds and nearly instant resume from sleep, the Series 9 lets you get even more done and leaves every other PC in the airport lounge or conference room behind. The Series 9 isn’t just a laptop, it’s a game changer. From the very moment you open the Series 9 be prepared to savor the experience of the wow factor.

Operating System
Genuine Windows 8 Home Premium (64-bit)

CPU/ Processor
Intel Core i5-3317U Processor

15.0″ Screen Size

8GB Standard System Memory

128GB Hard Drive Capacity

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Specialized CPU – in cell phones, computers, game consoles – that offloads graphics from a processor.

14.0″ (W) x 9.3″ (H) x 0.58″ (D)

Weight: 15-inch 3.63lbs
13-inch 2.55lbs

Price: 15-inch 1,399.99
13-Inch 1,299.99

This is a laptop that I need, powerful, thin and light. I carry my laptop everywhere I go and I wouldn’t mind carrying a laptop that is not 5lbs.