T-Mobiles Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

As Christmas draws near everyone is getting into the holiday sprint even T-Mobile. To show off there Holiday spirit T-Mobile will embark on a nationwide journey dashing across the U.S. from Seattle to Chicago to New York and more to give ‘Unlimited Cheer’ to some lucky fans. From Dec. 5 to Dec. 20, T-Mobile will provide daily hints through its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare), teasing the next stop of its 12-city tour.

Each T-Mobile retail store along the way will host fun holiday festivities and the opportunity to meet a featured professional athlete, such as Charles Tillman, DeSean Jackson and Terell Suggs, just to name a few! So you better watch out because T-Mobile’s Branding Icon, Carly Foulkes and her friends may be coming to a city near you!

In the spirit of gifting, T-Mobile will award the first fan to check-in on Foursquare at the featured store the chance to unlock the winning prize – a Samsung Galaxy Note II with a year of T-Mobile service and a MOGA mobile gaming system! The next three participants to check-in on Foursquare will unlock the gift of a Samsung Galaxy S III, a $50 gift card and a Bluetooth enabled MOGA handheld controller. All subsequent check-ins will receive 30% off a single accessory at T-Mobile retail locations.

Fans unable to join the “Unlimited Cheer” events in-person also have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note II or other great prizes simply by visiting T-Mobile’s Facebook page and taking a “Naughty or Nice” poll. For additional details and to follow the Unlimited Cheer Tour, check-out T‑Mobile’s Facebook page.