Can You SpareOne? – The Emergency Mobile Phone

SpareOne_HERO_hi-resYou never know when you may find yourself in an emergency situation. With all these crazy storms and other natural disasters that has been occurring recently, you may need more than just your average cellphone to call for help. Cellphones are useful at times, but what if your cellphone goes dead and you can’t charge your phone because of a mass power outage or even worse, you lose your signal, out of range or all your service provider lines are tied up so it’s hard to get through to that important call. Natural disasters is just one of many situations you may need a spare device for that will allow you to call and receive the help you need. This is when SpareOne comes to the rescue! SpareOne is an emergency mobile device that operates on one AA battery and with the push of one button, you can make an emergency call with or without the use of a SIM card.

Other features of the SpareOne phone is as follows

Torchlight – The torchlight is located on top of the device and can light up to up to 24 hours

Talk Time – You can get up to 10 hours talk time

Battery Life – The device can hold it’s charge when not in use for up to 15 years

Frequencies – The SpareOne device work on two different frequencies. 850/1900 MHZ – for North America and Western South America and 900/1800 MHZ for Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South Eastern America

The SpareOne device also come with a waterproof bag that floats and is submersible. It allows for you to still talk on the phone while in the bag. The style of the phone may not be like your average device but, I think it’s still stylish coming in a different array of colors and it get the job done.

Now even though you may not need your SIM card to make emergency calls, you will still need the SIM card for regular phone use. I would personally only use this phone for emergencies, just as it’s intended for although you can use it however you please. So just has we have spare change it would be just as good to keep a SpareOne mobile phone as part of your emergency survival kit or just in your car, house, handbag or wherever you deem easily accessible.