Crayola MyPhones for Little Ears

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Crayola and Griffin technology have teamed up to present parents with a fun way for kids to have personalized headphones by creating Crayola MyPhones. They are cute colorful headphones suitable for all children. You can either find a regular pair or a pair with safe volume controls making it suitable for even the tiniest of ears. The child sized headphones can easily be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

crayola-myphone-overpink-1 What makes these headphones super cool is that you can create your own stickers with three crayola markers or you can use the forty decorated stickers that are all included. So instead of your kids putting stickers on the wall they will have a fun time personalizing their Crayola MyPhones.

As mentioned before, the Crayola MyPhones has a built-in volume control limiter circuit cap. The volume goes up to 85 decibels making for easy listening on little ears. Why 85 decibels you ask? 85 decibels is the maximum limit aloud by many auditory health organizations.

They are available as over-the-ear headphones and earbuds.

The Crayola MyPhones are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm auxiliary input. Just hook them up and enjoy!