PianoBall App for Kids

It’s music month at TechWeLike and what other way to celebrate than to introduce the cutest piano application recommended for children from babies up to preschoolers. The PianoBall created by 4baam.com is a very colorful interactive piano that’s educational and fun. With this application you can learn colors, to play songs and names of other instruments.

How PianoBall Application works

PianoBall_banner There are two different piano keyboard modes children can choose to play. The mode with the larger keys make it much easier for babies and younger toddlers while the keyboard mode with smaller keys are good for older children.

Next, There are four magical balls that spin when you tap them located on the keys. The four magical balls are the Tune Ball, Color Ball, Rainbow Ball and Instrument Ball. These four balls allow children to play songs by selecting and playing songs guided by magical stars and lit up keys, paint your keyboard, explore colors all while learning it’s names, play songs by experiment with different instruments like the saxophone, Xylophone, Drum Set and Piano. You can also use the Tune Ball in toddler mode to give toddlers the opportunity to play songs with no mistakes no matter the keys they touch.

Another feature that makes the PianoBall application fun is the shake mode. All you have to do is shake the device and a shower full of stars will appear before different instruments appear.

The ten songs that are featured for children to play are London Bridge, Ode to Joy, Jingle Bells, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Alabama, Wlazl kotek na plotek, Amazing Grace, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Row, Row, Row you Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. You can also add your own tunes in free play. Kids love hearing themselves so after playing these songs; your child can hear themselves in playback mode.

Now we know most applications don’t fall short of advertisement of media social networks and other ads. What most parents would love to know is that their is a hidden lock feature on the parents only button. This lock allows parent to access support, emails and social media at their own discretion all while blocking out any distractions to children. To access feature parent just need to hold down button for two seconds. The Application is also made with no written text to encourage exploration of creativity and experimentation. PianoBall comes in two languages being English and Polish and is currently only available for ipads, iphones and ipods for a purchase price of $1.99