Trellie – For Calls That Just Can’t Be Missed

Hey ladies we all have those moments when we go in our handbags and notice a missed call on our devices and realize we didn’t even hear the phone ring. Or better yet, especially for moms and caregivers, we are constantly digging in our purses trying to make sure we didn’t miss that important call from our child’s school or doctors office. Trellie2 How about the call for that new job offer you have been anxiously awaiting? Well you don’t have to look far for a solution to that problem. That is where Trellie comes into play. What is Trellie you may ask? Well Trellie is a cute simple accessory that you hang on the outside of your handbag or purse that notifies you of any incoming or missed calls from your phone just by blinking using bright LED white lighting.

Trellie is easy to use on your iphone or android device just by simply activating your bluetooth on your handset. Trellie works with 2 AAA batteries. Just as simple as that. For more info about the Trellie just check them out at