Introducing Zact – The Truly Flexible and Personal Wireless Service

Everyone has different needs when it comes to wireless service. The new wireless service provider Zact promises complete control and customization of your needs at low costs and no hassle. Read on to see how Zact works!

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With the rise of smart phone dependence and use, we’ve seen pre-paid wireless service providers compete with major carriers. They usually tease a lower monthly payment and a few gimmicks as to why they are better than the major carriers that charge more.

The problem was the lack of control, customer service, and variety. Consumers usually just go back to overpaying with big plans to prevent overages. But now there is a company who is finally doing it right. You have to hear how it works. It’s pretty good!

Introducing Zact Service:

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So what is Zact exactly? It’s a no contract wireless service provider. The difference with Zact is that it puts you, the consumer in complete control. It allows customers to tweak their plan according to usage. If you use voice more than data, you can adjust settings and charges accordingly.

Features Available on Zact

Customization – You can adjust your plan right from your phone. You can change your plan with no penalties. You can find out how much more (or less) your plan will be when adjusting.

No Overages Either Way – Let’s say you got a little stingy and put a plan that was lower than what you would use. Zact will notify you and bump you up to the next plan without charging you for overages.

You could also do the opposite, you can use less than your plans’ limits. Zact will CREDIT you back the money at the end of the month. That’s the first I’ve heard of any company giving you money back.

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Sharing Without Limits – You can share your plan with as many other Zact devices as you’d like. The charge is $4.99 per additional device. But unless it’s necessary there is no need to upgrade your plan

Parental Controls – For those of you on family plans, you can restrict apps, contacts, and access to features. With notifications to your phone, you can make sure your child is using the phone as you want him/her to.

“Our goal is to give mobile consumers freedom, flexibility and control of their wireless service right from their device. With Zact, no contract is just the beginning – you can create your own unique plan and share it with anyone,” said Greg Raleigh, founder and CEO of ItsOn, parent company of Zact. “You get exactly what you want, and you never have to pay more than you need due to our Never Overpay Guarantee. It’s the ultimate unplan.”

What Devices Are Currently Available for Zact?

LG Viper 4G LTE for $399 and the LG Optimus Elite for $199 (both Android smartphones) are currently available for Zact. The Zact service runs on the Sprint network. I guess that would be deal-breaker for some. Zact service is set to begin next month.

Zact Service - Analie Cruz - LG Viper 4G LTEZact Service - Analie Cruz - LG Optimus Elite

Who is Zact Suitable For?

I think Zact is great for families who have large family plans with mostly younger children on it. It keeps costs at a minimum, and the parents can gain more control by adjusting restrictions and use easily. It benefits those who don’t use a lot of voice or data. Most plans from major US carriers are for extreme texters, surfers, and talkers. With Zact, you can pay for what you use. And if that’s a little, then you’d be saving a ton. It’s also for consumers who don’t need the latest high end smart phones. The phones Zact offers are mid-range. They need basic features and service.

Have you been looking to minimize your wireless service costs? You can use the Zact’s savings calculator to compare your current plan and one with Zact. You might be shocked at what you see. Let us know of the differences