Introducing the Livescribe 3 Smartpen – Making Your Notes Digital

Sometimes going back to pen and paper means losing certain functionality. With the Livescribe 3 smartpen, taking notes with pen and paper isn't so bad.

As much as I love taking notes on my phones, tablet and laptop; handwritten notes are sometimes best. They work great with diagrams and adding anecdotes. Sometimes it’s great to get back to simple pen and paper. Of course it’s obvious why we choose to take notes on our devices. It’s easier to retrieve, search within content and make clean edits.

Livescribe 3 Standard - analie-Cruz-notebook

I was so happy to hear that Livescribe Inc announced the Livescribe 3 smartpen. In case you’re not sure of what a Livescribe pen is (watch the video above), the Livescribe 3 smartpen helps with taking useful notes for tablets and phones.

Their previous pen, the Sky WiFi pen, allowed you to take notes, but you had to sign into a wireless network to upload all of your notes. But the Livescribe 3 smartpen takes it to the next level.

Livescribe 3 smartpen-analie-Cruz-pen

How Does the Livescribe 3 Smartpen Work?

Designed to work directly with your mobile device (right now only iOS), the Livescribe 3 smartpen connects via Bluetooth to your device. The notes you write on the Livescribe paper appear directly on the Livescribe mobile app. Most of the functionality is in the Livescribe app, as the company wanted the smartpen to look more like a pen than a gadget.

There’s no longer a on/off button. There’s a ring that you rotate to turn the pen on. It also has a feature to record audio. The pen doesn’t have a built-in microphone. Your phone would record the audio.

Livescribe 3 Standard - analie-Cruz-notebook-ipad

Livescribe 3 Smartpen Features:

  • Write on Livescribe dot paper and watch everything appear instantly on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices with Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology.
  • Use the built-in microphones on a tablet or smartphone to create interactive “pencasts” that synchronize recorded audio with written notes.
  • Convert handwriting to text to create tasks, reminders, contacts and calendar events.
  • Add photos and text memos to notes to add context and clearly communicate details.
  • Share written notes, photographs and diagrams as PDF files over Mail, Messages, Evernote, Dropbox and other apps.


Livescribe 3 Smartpen Availability

The Livescribe 3 smartpen is available in two versions. The Livescribe 3 smartpen, available for $149.95, includes a sleek black-and-chrome smartpen along with a 50-sheet Starter Notebook, as well as a micro USB charging cable and a black tungsten carbide medium-tip ink cartridge.  Priced at $199.95, the Livescribe 3 smartpen Pro Edition includes a leather smartpen portfolio with a 100-sheet hardbound journal, a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium, the charging cable and an additional ink cartridge. The smartpens are available for sale on, Amazon, Paradise Pen, and select Apple stores across the United States. The Livescribe 3 smartpen will also be available in Canada, Europe, Asia and other international markets.