Would You Trust Coin ? Updated Features and Q&A

If you haven’t heard about Coin, maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Sponsored adverts have found me on Facebook and chatter has filled my Twitter Feed for a few weeks now.

What is Coin ?

Coin comes in the familiar form of a plastic card and is a device that allows you to combine all your cards into one and lets you use them everywhere they are accepted. It is equipped with a digital display, 128-bit encryption, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a battery that last years. Not to mention, once configured using their mobile app, it operates autonomously on a day-to-day basis. Coin’s purpose is to create a product that simplifies and improves your life.

How Does Coin Work?

To start, you receive your card and a card-swipe dongle that connects to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to upload all your cards onto the mobile app, which then automatically stores them onto your personal Coin card. Once you have set up your Coin, you no longer need the accompanied app or your iOS or Android device to be near for Coin to function, unless you want to manage, add or delete existing cards.

So, I’m sure you have questions like how secure is it. What if someone gets their hands on it do I need to call and cancel all my cards?

Coin Q&A

Below is a snippet of the most asked questions – see if your question is answered below:

Q: Can someone upload anyone else’s card onto their Coin?
A: With Coin, you can only add your cards that match your personal information stored in the app. Your full name will be printed on the Coin and your signature will be on the back.

Q: How secure is my data in the Coin App?
A: The Coin app is password protected and is 128-bit/256-bit encrypted for all storage and communication with its easy-to-use consumer app to ensure the safety of your identity.

Q: What If I lose my Coin?
A: Coin send you a push notification alerting you if you leave your Coin behind and locks automatically if you go too far away, making it unusable if anyone tries to pay with it.

Q: How do credit card companies and merchants feel about Coin?
A: We have are building relationships with major card providers and merchants and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Q: What if someone accidentally toggles my Coin, and pays with the wrong card?
A: Coin designed the button to toggle cards in a way that makes it difficult to trigger a “press” unintentionally. Dropping a Coin, holding a Coin, sitting on a Coin, or putting the Coin in a check presenter at a restaurant will not inadvertently toggle the card that is selected. Also, the mobile app will allow you to configure an auto-lock feature that will disable the Coin button to toggle based on proximity.

Q: What if my phone dies, will my Coin stop working?
A: No, you can unlock the Coin from your phone in the event that your phone dies or you are in airplane mode.

There are 50 answers to the most asked questions find them all HERE

You can also check out this video for more info on how Coin is created to work:

Check out there site where you have some time left to Pre-Order for $55. It is expected to sell for $100 when officially released Summer 2014.

Do you think Coin is safe? Are you going to Pre-Order or wait for real life reviews?