‘M’ – The Smart Trench Coat

In browsing the web last night I came across something that caught my attention. Have you ever came across one of those things you don’t realize you HAVE to have until you see it ? For me it is the ‘M’ Smart Trench Coat.

When I came across the ‘M’ Smart Trench Coat by Motiif I knew I needed it. Aside for my affinity with Trench Coats – yes I have a few it’s also like a productivity hub that’s multi purpose. It’s 100% waterproof , built in Wi-Fi hot spot and has a pocket that lets you charge your phone wirelessly. Fashionable, practical and let’s you eliminate the clutter of extra gadgets to keep you charged all day.

‘M’ Smart Trench Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Cotton
  • Wi-Fi by Karma – 4G hotspot connects you for 6-8 hours on full charge
  • Use any Micro USB for charging
  • Wireless Special Charging Pocket
  • Supports iPhone 4 and Higher and Samsung Galaxy 3/4

It’s not unusual for tech journos/bloggers to get access to things before they launch but the great people over at Motiif has launched an ‘Alpha Tester’ group. This means that YOU yes you can sign up for the opportunity to get a first look at the product and offer your feedback before the ‘M” hits the main stream. The timing is perfect as this is definitely trench coat weather.

Wearable Technology is here and I’m pleased to see the direction it’s heading in and look forward to what else this company has to offer.

Head over to their website for more information and/or to sign up for the ‘Alpha Tester’ group.

Full Disclosure: If you click my link it betters my chances to be selected. When you sign up you’ll also get a link to share.