Scan On-The-Go With the Doxie Flip Scanner

With the Doxie Flip scanner, you can get some scanning done on-the-go. It can even save your scans to the cloud! Check out the specs and how it works.

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There’s always a new gadget replacing an older device that was heavier or bulkier than before. There aren’t many scanners out there that are portable. Imagine needing to scan completely different things and not being able to. You should learn about the Doxie Flip Scanner:

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Doxie Flip Scanner Specs and Details

The Doxie Flip, is a portable flatbed scanner. It’s a small size and works on batteries. Can’t get more portable than that. It works with an SD card so you don’t need a computer to scan. It also has software to help you enhance and fix your scans.

You can leave the lid open and scan objects. That’s cool for tiny things like coins and small gadgets. Check out more information from the official Doxie Flip website:

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Doxie scans everything you never thought possible. With a 4×6″ (A6) scanning surface, you can scan most any object, from old photo albums to newspaper clippings, coins, stamps, clippings from books, and everything else. Your originals always stay protected. For big originals, use AutoStitch to merge scans together seamlessly (available in free December software update).

Doxie Flip has a removable lid and transparent scanning window, so you scan notebooks, old photo albums, even interesting surfaces – just flip Doxie over and place it safely and directly on your originals. Doxie’s window lets you see what you’re scanning as it happens, so every scan is perfect.

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Doxie is perfectly designed for capturing pocket notebooks – scan sketches, notes, and artwork with amazing clarity. It’s the perfect companion for Field Notes™ and Moleskine® brand pocket notebooks.

Spiffy companion software

There’s more to Doxie Flip than just a great way to scan your creativity and history. Doxie’s intuitively designed companion software makes importing, adjusting, saving, and sharing your scans remarkably easy.

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If you find that you travel often and need to scan, the Doxie Flip might be a good fit for you. You can purchase one for $149 at the Doxie Flip website