Zact Mobile and Disney Make a Deal

Zact Mobile and Disney have inked a deal that will make Zact phones even more appealing to parents who are thinking about giving their kids a phone.

I’m sure you must have heard of Zact Mobile by now. In case you haven’t, Zact Mobile offers pre-paid, no contract cell phone service. The consumer controls all use: data, mobile and text. You can always adjust plans to fit your current phone use (whether adding more minutes or lowering your data plan). That’s the jist of it. You can find out more HERE.

I think Zact Mobile is great for todays youth who want smartphones, but parents are afraid of the dangers. Zact Mobile enables a safe way for younger kids to enter the cell phone world, while keeping the parents in the loop. The parental controls on this service is what sets Zact Mobile apart from others.


Disney and Zact Mobile Make a Deal

At the core of the Zact Mobile service, families get the following:

  • ·         A highly customizable no contract mobile service with nationwide coverage
  • ·         Huge savings on voice, text, and data plans that start as low as $3.49
  • ·         Ability to adjust plans anytime right on the device
  • ·         Free family sharing and ability to set allowances on talk, text and data
  • ·         Built-in parental controls


But on to today’s news:

Zact Mobile has inked a deal with Disney Interactive.

Disney and Zact Mobile Make a Deal - ZTE Awe With Disney Interactive

The Zact Mobile service will come pre-loaded with apps from Disney, including the hit titles Toy Story: Smash It!and Disney Infinity: Action!. The service will also feature access to the best in family-friendly content such asDisney Video, Disney Music, and Disney ¡Ajá!, which is Disney’s Spanish language destination.

Zact Mobile and Disney Details and Pricing:

Today, the Disney-themed Zact phone will be available on the ZTE™ Awe (check out the full specs here) , an Android 4.1 device with a 4.0” inch display and a 5.0 megapixel camera. The Awe smartphone packs a lot of great features from Zact with Disney content at a budget friendly price of $99 for a limited time this holiday season, a discount from its regular price of $169. In addition, a free 4 month child starter plan is included with purchase, which includes 100 minutes/100 texts/100 Mbs data.



For more details and purchase information, go to

Disney and Zact Mobile Make a Deal - Disney Princesses