iFrogz® Launches Portable Bluetooth Audio Range [CES 2014]

During CES 2014 iFrogz introduced new range of portable bluetooth audio products. The new products, Tadpole and Coda Pop, incorporate the bright colors and high-quality sound that customers associate with iFrogz audio, and feature Bluetooth connectivity in perhaps the smallest, most compact form factor currently available.

iFrogz Tadpole

iFrogz Tadpole AllAt the size of an average keyless entry remote, the iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth speaker delivers big sound from a tiny package and brings the party where no speaker has gone before. With a handy built-in carabiner, the Tadpole has the ability to clip onto keys, purses and belts, for effortless on-the-go use. Not only does its lithium-ion battery provide hours of continuous play, but it also features a simple micro-USB charging port for convenient recharges. The Tadpole will be available in blue, red, purple, black and white at iFrogz.com for $19.99
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iFrogz Coda Pop

iFrogz Coda Pop StrawberryThe iFrogz Coda Pop offers refreshing sound that is crisp, clear and surprisingly powerful for its compact
size. With a 30-foot range and water-resistant design, the Coda Pop is small and eye-catching. The Coda
Pop’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides music for up to three hours. The Coda Pop is currently available in
seven “flavors,” including grape, black cherry and orange cream, at iFrogz.com for $29.99.

We are excited about our new Bluetooth audio products, which are the smallest portable speakers available on the market,” said Ben Godfrey, executive vice president of product development at ZAGG, which manufactures and markets iFrogz products. “The Tadpole and Coda Pop provide superior audio quality and Bluetooth convenience at a low price.

With both portable speakers available for under $30 each they are definitely worth checking out.