Sensor Mirror by SimpleHuman Review – A Great Accessory!

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review
When it comes to gadgets, mirrors may not be the first thing to come to mind. But once you have the SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror, there's no going back.

Tech is much more than cell phones, speakers, and headphones. It’s about being to do things better or in a more efficient fashion. It’s always fun to see things taken to another level because of creative thinking and technology.I’m always looking to maximize efficiency and laziness with technology. So I was happy to learn more about the company SimpleHuman. You might have seen their products at certain stores.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - LED Lighting - Analie Cruz

They have this one product that stuck out me, the SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror.


When first looking at the SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror, it looks like a regular makeup mirror. It’s made of durable stainless steel and the mirror is round. Simple right? Well there’s more. The mirror’s border is a bulb that lights up. It’s basically the main selling point, a mirror that lights up allowing you a better view of your reflection.


Design and Build

The Sensor Mirror has a very sturdy build. The round base has a rubber coating on the bottom to keep it place (no slipping and sliding). There’s an indicator light (a ring) that let’s you know when it’s charging, when it’s off. It flashes green when it’s charging. Stays green when fully charged. It blinks red, when dying or turning off.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Cruz (1)    SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Cruz (6)



The stand of the mirror extends. The mirror’s neck also swivels back and forth. While it doesn’t swivel all the way back (to stare straight up), it almost does. It’s perfect for long makeup sessions or when you’re just walking by and need a quick glance before leaving.


Simple Human Sensor Mirror Review - Cruz (2)   SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Back View

The microUSB charging port is on the base of the mirror (the Sensor Mirror comes with the MicroUSB cable and wall adapter). On the bottom of the base is the power button. If you turn the mirror on, you’re turning the sensor on (not the light) which means the sensor will be sensitive.

Simple Human Sensor Mirror Review - USB Adapter



Sensor Mirror Setup

I am not sure how many of you are aware of how blind I am. Seriously, I have terrible vision. Pair that with my late entry into the makeup game and you have a long morning of makeup application (and / or bad makeup jobs). I am not sure about you, but in my small New York apartment, I don’t have greatest lighting. And as you may have figured, bad lighting doesn’t help bad vision. I charged the Sensor Mirror for a few hours before I disconnected it and moved it to my makeshift vanity table. FYI, it does come charged, I just wanted to “be sure”. There really is no setup.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Micro USB Port


Once I got closer to the mirror and it lit up, my first reaction was literally “WOW!“. It’s something that you have to see to believe. If you have checked out the sensor mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond or Brookstone, you may have seen the powerful lighting of the mirror. While you may enjoy what you see in the stores, even the stores have more than adequate lighting so you don’t really experience the “wow” factor as much as when it’s a cloudy morning and you don’t  have more light over the mirror. Check out the pictures and see how powerful the lighting is:

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Lighting Ring and Sensor     SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Lighting


The lighting of the sensor mirror is made to replicate natural lighting. The 600 You will notice everything, and I mean everything. While that may be a good thing; it can also be a bad thing. After the reaction of being blinded by such a bright light I started examining my face. The magnification on the mirror is 5X. It stays at 5X, but it’s “distortion free” so you have a good view and precise detailing.

SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Adjustability -Angle - Analie Cruz      SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Review - Adjustability -Angle 1- Analie Cruz

After staring at my face for a few minutes, I decided that I needed a heavy scrub, pore cleanser, pore strips, teeth whitening, and eyebrows done. It pretty much has the same effect on everyone who starts using the mirror. It allows you to see things that you don’t see in regular lighting.

Does the SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror Make Sense to Purchase?

At $200, the sensor mirror is quite the purchase, but many will tell you that it is a worthy investment. The lighting helps in so many ways. It becomes essential for more than makeup application. You just always want to see yourself in the best lighting possible. While it may look like a frivolous purchase at first, you will enjoy it and see its true worth after daily use. You get a 5 year warranty which makes sense since you can’t replace the bulb.

Simple Human Sensor Mirror Review - Box      Simple Human Sensor Mirror Review - Box (Back)

I love that it’s wireless and can be moved around at will. I’m afraid to know what happens after the 5 year warranty is up and you need a bulb replacement (if that happens). But I think the benefits outweigh the cons by a long shot.


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