Samsung Level Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker Available in the US July 17

Samsung Level Series - Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker - Tech We Like
Samsung is getting into the headphone game with Samsung Level headphones. They will be available in the US in a couple of days. Find out where you can be the first to get your hands on them!

We told you about Samsung coming into the headphone industry a couple of months ago. They had announced their line of Samsung Level headphone. The Samsung Level headphone series include 3 different types of headphones; the Level Over (which are over-ear headphones), the Level On (on-ear headphones) and the Level In (in-ear headphones). The Level Box is Samsung’s Bluetooth speaker which is also NFC compatible.

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Where to Buy Samsung Level:

If you want first dibs on the Samsung’s Level headphones line, you can head over to and they will be having a sale (72 hours). The Level series will be available afterward on on July 20th and on July 21. If you want some hands on time with the headphones before purchasing them you will have to wait till July 27th and they will hit select Samsung Experience Shops at Best Buy stores (July 27).




Level Over is available for $349.99,
Level On $179.99,
Level In $149.99 and Level Box $169.99., the innovative online shopping destination, is offering its members exclusive, first access to the portfolio, starting 
Thursday, July 17 at noon ET. They will also be offering an exclusive bundle of the Level On and Level Box for $299.99

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Level Over Headphones (Over-Ear)

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The Samsung Level Over is an over-ear headphone designed for an immersive sound experience. Level Over delivers powerful, clear, sharp sound, ergonomically designed comfort and wireless Bluetooth technology.

Level Over includes Active Noise Cancellation, employing four mics on the inside and outside of the headphones to cancel outside sounds. In addition, Level Over includes technology that prevents resonance between the vibration plate and the frame, avoiding unnecessary booming and helping to provide the original sound. Users can control volume, navigate tracks, pause or stop music, answer or end a call all using the Smart Control Technology on the side of the headphones.



Level On Heapdhones (On-Ear)

Samsung Level Headphones Level On-Ear White Angle

The Level On is an on-ear, wired headphone that packs a powerful, clear and pure sound in a compact design. Soft polyurethane cushioning provides comfort with a foldable ergonomic design makes this the perfect headphone for the on-the-go mobile user.

Level In Headphones (In-ear / Earbuds) 

Samsung Level Series -Level-Headphones- Level In_Black_

The Level In is an in-ear, wired headphone that packs a powerful three-way speaker system that controls treble, mid-range and deep bass, providing clear sound separation and rich, natural sound quality.



Level Box Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (NFC)

Samsung level box Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Level Box is a premium, compact Bluetooth speaker that streams high quality audio from any Samsung Galaxy phone – or any other Bluetooth compatible device – directly to the speaker for crystal-clear sound. The sleek, distinctive design is optimized to provide noise reduction and echo cancellation, and a built in rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. One touch Near-Field Communications (NFC) or the dedicated Bluetooth pairing button provides effortless synching. Control buttons make it easy to adjust volume or play/pause music, and a high-quality HD built in microphone makes it a great device for phone or conference calls.