Western Union Connects With App and Home Cooked Video

I use the Western Union App to send money in the states and overseas. But WU got a little more personal with a food / culture video #WUHomedCooked

As some of you know we are heavy users of social media on TechWeLike. Not only do we keep contact with the outside world, but it’s easier and a bit more inexpensive to keep contact with family that isn’t in the United States. As some of you know, I wasn’t born here and I still have a lot of extended family overseas.

For those of you who follow our social media accounts you can see we’re foodies. I love eating food that reminds me of home. It’s just familiar and warming. I don’t have any immediate family in New York, and food is one of the main things that keep sane. When I got the opportunity to talk about using Western Union I jumped on it, because I’ve been using it for years. I am glad that it has gotten better and gone online so it’s even easier for me to send money overseas to the family. I love bringing useful apps to you guys, especially if they are helpful to me.

Western Union recently had a customer appreciation event which they found out a lot about their users. They found out that many of the people that use the Western Union app are dual-belongers (such as myself).  They are folks currently living in one place and from another – their heart feels like its in two places. Many are pursuing education, career or simply a style of life for them and their family; but with family members and strong ties to their birth country. Here’s what I think about their app, where you can get it and how I feel about their “Home Cooked” video

Western Union App

Western Union App Features - Cruz

Depending on where you’re sending, the amount of money and the timing it’s easy to send money through Western Union. Using the app is pretty easy. You can decide if the money is received in the currency of the country or in US dollars. As a techie the ease of use of the app is important to me since that is what I use to transfer the money nearly all of the time.

The app is pretty easy to use most of the time. The great thing about is that you can use it for other things than sending money. You can use it to pay bills as well (there might be a fee involved). But it’s great if you’re in a rush to pay something off and you need to do it quickly.

You can download the Western Union app for Android and Apple. Learn more about Western Union HERE



This video is pretty awesome. No matter where you’re born, there’s always that special dish that reminds you of home. I am lucky enough to enjoy food from my country since it’s readily available in New York City, but it isn’t the same not coming from family members. There’s nothing like home cooked food!


Have you used Western Union? What has been your experience with them? 

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