Sony Walkman Turns 36 This Year – A Look At the Iconic Device

The iconic Sony Walkman turns 36 today. Take a walk down memory lane with this infographic Sony put together.

We’re always talking about the latest tech. The new specs, the upgrades, and cool features on gadgets. We’ve come a long way with certain devices, especially music players. One of the iconic devices is the  Sony Walkman. Today (July 1st 2015) the Walkman turns 36 years old. Check out this awesome infographic Sony put together to celebrate the Walkman’s birthday.

Do you still have your Sony Walkman? Discman? Have you tried the High Res Digital Music Player (AKA the digital version of the beloved walkman)? 


Take a look at the infographic and bring back memories. Or if you can’t recognize the devices, ask someone older than you about these devices. Sony Walkman-History Infographic - Music - Analie Cruz