AT&T’s VR Driving Simulation App Shows Why “It Can Wait”

AT&T's "It Can Wait" virtual reality simulation app shows you what happens when you use your phone while driving.

With phones being one of our main forms (if not the main form) of communication, we use it for everything everywhere. While the technology has gotten better, texting is like a second language. It comes so naturally now, that we multi-task when texting. We text and eat, shop, walk, and in a million other scenarios. However, I’m against texting and driving. I can barely text and walk, so I haven’t even tried texting and driving; but I see it constantly on the road. And of course it’s more than texting now. It’s using social media; whether liking, responding or uploading to the networks. There is a lot more to distract drivers.

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AT&T has been running the “It Can Wait” campaign for a few years now. Always announcing the dangers of being distracted by your phone while driving. As the phones became more mainstream with more social media networks to check, there is more to distract drivers. Reading stats and watching videos doesn’t always bring the point across. Now you can get a better feel for it with the It Can Wait VR App . As of now there is no interaction with the app. It just puts you in the driver’s seat to get a better feel. To get the full experience of the app, you will need Google Cardboard. If you don’t have Cardboard, you can get one HERE


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The It Can Wait VR app can be download for both iOS and Android.