Nvidia GTX 950: Perfect For MOBA Gaming


Nvidia today announced that they will be releasing the Nvidia GTX 950 for $160. The GTX 950 falls in between the companies GTX 750 Ti and the GTX 960, I’m sure the news makes many PC gamers on a budget pretty happy. Fans of the companies’ graphic cards will be happy to know that the GTX 950 will work better on MOBA games. It will reduce latency in combination with GeForce Experience (which is free to download).

Anyone who has played MOBA games knows that responsiveness plays a big part in the game and that any slight delay can cost you the win. By using the GTX 950 your response time will be cut down to 35 milliseconds. The company tried a couple of different techniques – first, they included a faster on board rendered along with a number of latency optimizations, these two things combined will give players a 2x response time, mouse click to screen. Not only will you receive faster response time, it also configures a game in full screen. For those of you that are into MOBA games such as, League of Legends, Doat2, Heroes of the Storm and SMITE this is a must have graphic card.

Price: $ 160