ESL and Announces Long-term Partnership for 24/7 Broadcasting

We knew it wouldn’t be long before gamers had their very own channel and now with ESL and teaming up together, our 24 hour eSports channel is closer than we think. At this year’s IBC the two companies presented their new and jointly developed cloud-based all day TV playout module. ESL has already implemented this, as they already have two all day live eSports channel on Twitch, and the company is planning on adding more very shortly.

Even though ESL has their own channel, ESL and have jointly developed a special edition of the live video cloud. This channel will be tailored to the needs of gaming broadcasts. The 24/7 playout module is the first result of that collaboration, with more cloud based live production apps and tools for the global eSports market to follow. Since the 24/7 playout module is cloud based it is truly global; and capable of broadcasting to Twitch, YouTube and any other live streaming platform. The application will enable ESL and its clients to create compelling round the clock programs with pre-produced content as well as livestreams. The new platform will give gamers some cool features. You will have easy to use scheduling and programing of channels, fully integrated live in- and output solutions and the automation of instream commercials as well as the playout module which includes flexible collaboration-ready asset and playlist management.

“’s technology combined with our experience, content, licensing products and reach in esports are sure to shape the future of live broadcasts in this space,” said Benedikt Kraus, Director Business Development IPTV at ESL. “We look forward to expanding on the current offering as well as evolving our broadcast output.”

“We are excited to launch this application for esports publishers with such a great partner. ESL is a huge opportunity for us,” said Andreas Jacobi, CEO at “We are looking forward to build up a powerful and relevant collaboration to launch great customized solutions for that young and fast evolving esports market.”

ESL has taken eSports to a new level and they continue to give gamers new and exciting content. Can’t wait to see what else the company comes up with next.