How to Create a SMART Home Environment – Do It Right!

People want technology that simplifies their lives. In fact, a survey by Better Homes and Gardens found that 64% of millennials are interested in having smart technology in their homes.

At the same time, an increasing number of them look to sell house fast with online estate agents such as Open Property Group.

With these things in mind, a great way of attracting buyers would be to make your property SMART before putting it on the market. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Save time in the kitchen
Among the most attractive smart gadgets to buyers will no doubt be appliances that make things easier and quicker in the kitchen. LG’s Smart ThinQ appliance line, which was first released in 2012 offers a range of the smartest products around. With ThinQ, you get one of the first smart oven, fridge and laundry combos. The fridge allows you to make full grocery lists from a small screen on the front door, and will let you know if your milk goes bad, or when it’s time to buy more cheese.


Save energy throughout the house
Thermostats control heat consumption in 10% of homes. Yet as it stands, a large proportion of that energy goes to waste. Google aims to change all of that with its Nest Thermostat; the third generation of which was released last September. This SMART thermostat learns the schedule and behavior of the household after one week. It then begins to adjust the temperature in the house to suit.


Make your home secure
Netatmo Welcome uses face recognition technology to make homes more secure. When a person walks in, the security camera recognises and checks them in. The unit registers anyone it doesn’t recognise as a “stranger”. The information automatically syncs to apps on Android mobile devices. This lets you know who’s at home, even if you’re not there yourself.

Protect your data
F-Secure Sense is a small hub that protects your entire Wi-Fi at home. It monitors the network to make sure no one is hacks into it. Meanwhile, a small black device called Mojo (that looks like a rock) protects your network against intruders by glowing when it detects an attack.

Control everything in one place
Samsung’s SmartThings aims to unify the unruly connected home and get all devices in the building to work together in harmony. In October, the company released a home monitoring kit complete with a hub, motion detector and moisture sensor. This allows you to track your home’s vital stats through your smartphone.


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