MAINGEAR Unveils ALPHA 34: The World’s Most Powerful All-in-One PC

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Today MAINGEAR, revealed their newest All-in-One PC. The ALPHA 34, it is the world’s most powerful All-in-One PC and the first AIO armed with up to an 8 core Intel Extreme Edition, or an 18 core Intel Xeon processors.

ALPHA 34 defeats any other benchmarks you have seen and delivers an amazing experience right out the box with a combination of Intel 5960X processors; NVIDIA 980Ti, Titan X or AMD Radeon R9 390X; 32GB of premium Kingston DDR4 RAM; and Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSD hard drives. But that’s not all, the ALPHA 34 also features a stunning 34-inch curved display that will give players eye-opening graphics, with a magnificent 3840×1440 resolution.

“The superb combination of Intel’s blazing fast processors with state of the art graphic cards and an astounding screen, gives ALPHA 34 the muscle to handle any task while being the centerpiece in every room,” says Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. “ALPHA 34 is a super stocked modern dream car with old-fashioned muscle under the hood that is perfect for gaming, movie watching or even designing in Adobe’s Creative Suite.”

In case you want to change, or upgrade the ALPHA 34, you can. MAINGEAR’s ALPHA 34 also features maintenance-free closed looped liquid cooling to ensure quiet and cool operation under the most stressful situations. Consumers will also have Intel’s future-proof and upgradeable webcam, Intel’s 8-core Extreme edition along with an 18-core Xeon processors.

MAINGEARS’s ALPHA 34 is now available for customizing starting at $1999.