A New Japanese Pantheon Enters SMITE’s Battle Ground

During the open ceremonies of the SMITE World Championships – Hi-Rez Studios announced details for Season 3 of SMITE. The company will start focusing heavily on improving the game’s overall player experience. Players will see changes to the in-game shop as well as the introduction of Daily Quests and a host of user interface updates. The highly anticipated Japanese Pantheon is one of the biggest updates SMITE fans have been waiting for.

Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, will be the first of new playable characters that is based on Japanese mythology. Amaterasu will join the rest of the God’s starting on Jan. 12 for PC players, Xbox One users will receive Amaterasu late February.

Amaterasu: The Goddess of the Sun

Amaterasu’s release also begins the new multi-week event, Rising Dawn, which will include many Japanese-themed skins, such as Kaiju Sobek and Harajuku Neith. SMITE will also feature a 3v3 Joust League, the company listened to the players request and will be giving players an all-new 3v3 Joust map, a Chinese-themed environment based on the sky palace from the famous Sun Wukong legend.

3v3 Joust League

The SMITE World Championship is taking place as we speak and will end on Sunday, Jan. 10. The winning team from the PC World Championship will take home $1 million prize pool to share while competitors in the Xbox One Invitational will go head-to-head over a $150,000 prize pool.

You can watch the SWC at Twitch.