Hi-Rez Crowns Their New SMITE World Champion

Hi-Rez Studios started the New Year the right way by having the first million dollar tournament. The company has always gone above and beyond for their players, as well as their fans. Seeing Owners, Co-Owners, Streamers and the rest of the company having the same excitement that the fans have makes SMITE tournaments one of the most exciting, must attend events of the year.

It has been a long road for these players, and they all played their best. Teams we thought would win this tournament with no problem, didn’t make it to grand finals – teams that we thought wouldn’t make it past the quarter-finals, actually did. Today Enemy and Epsilon eSports will battle it out in the best-of-5, both teams have had an amazing run – and it all comes down to these matches. It seemed as if the crowd was split 50/50 on who would win. Both teams played their best, but only one can be SMITE World Champion 2016.

Enemy vs Epsilon

This match would determine who would walk away with the title of SMITE World Champion 2016, as well as $500,000. These two teams took to the stage with confidence – I’m sure Epsilon still had that confidence from yesterday as they took down North Americas Champions, Cloud9. The match started off strong for Epsilon, as the captain “iRaffer” and “Adapting” helped the team secure kills in the first match. Yesterday, “Adapting” helped his team win and earn their spot in the grand finals – the jungler used Fenrir, today he went with Thor – and that was the best decision for his team. Between “Adapting” using Thor and “iRaffer” using Ymir – the team seemed unstoppable. The first match went pretty quickly and Epsilon took the match.

During the second match it seemed that Enemy adjusted – making Epsilon fans worry that they might actually lose this match. Epsilon didn’t have control of the game like they did in the first match, and Enemy started picking off the opponents teammates one-by-one. But Enemy soon lost that control when Solo laner for team Epsilon known as “Dmi” used Tyr during this match and used him well. He was unstoppable during mid to late game between his Tyr and midlaner “Yammyn” and his Isis, they were the key when it came to the late team-fight that helped Epsilon with the win.

Now that the game is 2-0 Enemy had to do something in order to stay in the game. Enemy started off the match strong, but it was “Adapting” yet again with his Thor causing problems for Enemy to succeed. Enemy did get a chance to catch up once “Adapting” started to fall behind, Epsilon’s captain iRaffer and his Geb shielding his team as well as “Yammyn’s medusa helped the team catch up again. When Epsilon was at Enemy’s Phoenix – I could have sworn that majority of the team would have been taken out, Epsilon’s teams health was not at full bar and Enemy was trying their best to keep them at bay. I didn’t think they would be able to take out the Phoenix, and Titan while fighting off the opposing team, but thanks to “Adapting” landing his Thor it allowed his team to take out every player on Enemy – leading the way for Epsilon to take down the Titan and walk away as The SMITE World Champions of 2016