SMITE: Escape from the Underworld / Jing Wei/ Reborn Code Giveaway (PC Only)


For the past couple of weeks, Hi-Rez has been talking about their new addition’s into the SMITE’s battlefield. The new Goddess Jing Wei and the new Area mode – Escape from the Underworld event has officially kicked off today!

In Escape from the Underworld, players will see brand new features, as well as brand new game mechanics like weekly quests and the Arena bonus round. With the release of the mode, players can now unlock Underworld-themed skins such as Grim Wraith Hades, you can also unlock the Underworld-themed music, player icons, and loading frames.

Jing Wei: The Oathkeeper is the new Goddess that has stepped into the battle arena, and you know anytime SMITE receives a new god/goddess the company will have new patch notes so players are aware of all the new changes that are happening in the game.

We also have a treat for you SMITE fans, the company has given us codes for Jing Wei/ Reborn Codes (PC Only) to give out. Just write a comment, saying you would like to receive a code, and we get you one. Please be aware, codes are limited.

We’ve been looking forward to this update, and it’s finally here! See you guys on the battlefield!