Back To School Guide – Tech and Gear Edition

Whether you're going to attend class or not "Back to school" season is a great time to get some new tech and gear. Check out some dope gear!

Back to school shopping guide analie cruz

It’s back to school season and whether you’ve waited to buy some of your items or you just need an upgrade to your study pace, dorm, or gear you should check out these items I think will help you get work done. Take advantage of back to school deals going around and get some new gear for you workstation or dorm.

2-in-1 computers are easy to tote around. Create a workstation wherever you are

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you read my review of the Surface Pro 3, you know how much I enjoyed using that product. As with most upgrades, the Surface Pro 4 is a nice improvement. Although you may not notice, the screen is slightly larger (and more crisp) even though the SP4 is smaller than the 3. The Type Cover 4 (sold separately) has spaced keys or you can opt for the type cover with the fingerprint scanner for quick and easy access.



Huawei Matebook

Huawei MateBook 2-In-1 Windows 10 Tablet - Analie cruz (3)

The Huawei Matebook is another 2-in-1 Windows 10 device that is worth taking a look at. The Matebook was designed with portability in mind which is great for going to and from school. The keyboard (sold separately) doubles as a protective cover, without adding too much bulk. It charges via USB-C charging port. But it only has one port so you will have to buy a docking station to get better use of the port. It’s available in silver or gold

You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 HERE



LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive




To accent your pretty ultrabook, you need a portable hard drive to match right? The all aluminum enclosures on the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive provide a sleek and sturdy casing for your hard drive. The Lacie charger might be able to charge your laptop  If your laptop charges via USB Via a single USB-C cable, users can power their notebook and access their drive at the same time. It’s great to have one less cable to carry around. You can get the Porsche mobile drive in gold or silver finish and in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacitiies.




CCaseMate Custom Case T-Mobile iPhone 6 6S Plus iPhone6 cruzaseMate Custom Cases


If you’re in a sea of iPhones in school and want to stand out I definitely recommend the CaseMate Custom Case. It’s available for the iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 /6S Plus. The custom case is CaseMates Naked Case which is a dual layer protective case. Even though it’s dual layered it’s not bulky at all. The kit comes with up to 250 pieces (which include rhinestones and studs). It’s a pretty cool way to make the case your own. This case is available exclusively at T-Mobile.






Incipio USB-C Digital Multiport Adapter


Incipio USB-C multiport adapter - cruz

If you recently bought one of the latest laptops  you may have just one charging port (USB-C). Incipio’s multiport Adapter gives you an HDMI, traditional USB-A, and a USB-C power port. Compatible with the latest USB-C devices, including MacBook and Chromebook Pixel, our Multiport Adapter offers a discreet USB-C stowaway cable that conveniently plugs into your device. The integrated HDMI port supports audio and video output, while the USB-C port offers power delivery.



mophie battery packs 


Long days in class mean overtime for your devices as well. Whether you’re charging the battery on your phone or keeping your laptop powered on a little longer (USB-C), you can get a mophie battery pack to fit your needs. You can pick the powerstation mini for a compact and affordable charge on the go. You can also go with the mophie powerstation XXL for keeping your (USB-C) laptops powered on longer.




Jabra Halo Smart Headphones


Avoid as much fussing as possible by going wireless. the Jabra Halo Smart wireless headphones might be a great choice when it comes to multitasking wirelessly. The neckband keeps the headphones around your neck as you get stuff done. They last up to 17 hours which is way longer than your school day (I hope). You can handle both calls and music with these and if you break a sweat the Halo Smart headphones can handle that too. Download the Jabra Assist app for additional assistance with getting your messages read to you and optimizing battery life. Available in 3 color combinations. You can choose black with red, blue or black cables.


Create the Perfect Study Area

It’s easy to create the perfect study or resting area. Lighting is everything. Once you get your settings adjusted you can use connected light-bulbs to save your settings and get back to them. You will need a hub (Wink, Zigbee, or SmartThings). You can get a hub as low as $60


Cree Connected Bulb

Cree Connected Lightbulb - back to school analie cruz

The Cree connected bulb is an affordable way to make to start your path on the connected home. If you already own Wink, SmartThings, Zigbee hub you can use the Cree Connected bulb to set the correct lighting mood. Like with most connected devices, you will need an app to control it. I have tried a couple of these bulbs and it has been a painless setup. You can get the connected bulbs in either soft white or daylight whites.



Philips Light strips

Philips Hue Lightstrips plus

Finish the ambiance with Philips Light Strips (Plus). It gives a great touch for mood lighting without being too intrusive (you will need a Philips hub). Place under your desk or along the wall for a modern night light display.



Incase icon pack diamond wire backpack analie cruzInCase Icon Pack Backpack


If you’re looking for a bag that is durable and gets the job done, take a look at the Icon Pack Diamond Wire from Incase. It fits 15.6 inch laptops along with nearly everything else. The Diamond Wire version of the Icon Pack Backpack is more durable and offers more protection against elements. You can get the regular Icon Pack version for $100 less.



Incase Range Messenger Bag

Incase range messenger bag analie cruz

If you prefer the messenger bag style, the Range messenger bag from Incase is affordable and lightweight. Designed for daily comfort and travel, the Range messenger bag has padded shoulder strap and pockets to protect up to a 13″ laptop




Mavea To-Go Bottle

Mavea MicroDisc Water Filter to-go bottle cruz

In school or not in school, many of us carry a water bottle in our commute. The Mavea To-Go bottle has it’s own filter. This dishwahter safe bottle promises cleaner water and better-Tasting Water thanks to advanced Compressed Catalytic Carbon Filter Technology (reduces chlorine, and other contaminants while leaving in minerals for great-tasting water). A set of 3 filters refill will run you under $15. Pretty affordable overall. 



Alcatel Idol 4S Unlocked Smartphone

Alcatel Idol 4S

If you’re looking to get into VR at an affordable price the Alcatel Idol 4S is definitely worth taking a look at. Under $400, you get a phone, VR headset and Incipio case. You get an unlocked phone with minimal bloatware, fingerprint scanner, waves audio technology (for awesome sound), a 16 mp rear camera, and JBL headphones. The accompanying VR makes the Idol 4S an instant entertainer. A nice bundle for the price.


Logitech Mouse M238 party-collection cruz


Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse  (Party Collection Version)


If you’re looking for a small mouse to carry with you, you will enjoy the Party Collection from Logitech. You have plenty of mice to choose from. Get one to fit your mood and personality! the pre-installed battery is said to last up to 12 months. That’s longer than the school year. Pretty dope!





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