Great Tech for Mobile Photography – Holiday Gift Guide

If someone on your list enjoys mobile photography here are some gadgets you can get them this holiday season.

Mobile photography is a big thing. I enjoy taking pics and sharing them often through social media channels such as twitter, Instagram, and Google+. There are many things you can use to enhance or help with mobile photography. Here are some great gifts for mobile photographers:



Olloclip Lens



If the mobile photographer on your list has an iPhone, the Olloclip would be a great gift. You have a variety of lenses to choose from. The newer olloclip lenses work both for front and rear facing cameras. For the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus you can buy the Core Lens Set. It includes fish-eye, super wide, and macro 15x lenses all in one.  You have to make sure to get the right lens for the right iPhone. If you’re not sure you can also get them a gift card from Olloclip to stay on the safe side. Olloclip has other accessories to help such as case and a mobile studio. $59+

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Samsung Gear 360 Camera



Give new angles or all angles to the photographer on your list. The pocket sized Gear 360 camera allows you to capture 360 picture and video. You can shoot from the camera or your Galaxy phone. It comes with a little tripod for grip and placement, but you can mount on to a regular monopod for better management and pictures. It has a microSD card slot (microSD card not included) and charges via micro USB.

You can take nice 360 shots quickly and without being too intrusive with the Gear 360. The camera isn’t water-resistant but can handle a couple of sprinkles. Any mobile photographer would be psyched to get this gift. You can get more hands on time from select Verizon stores and order the camera there too. 329.99+

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Moto Z Droid / Play Smartphone with Moto Mods

Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod

moto-mods-hasselblad-true zoom pdp-specs expanded-verizon - analie cruz

If your giftee is asking for a new phone and is also into mobile photography;  a Moto Z phone with the Hasselblad True Zoom Mod would be a great gift. The Moto Z Droid is a decent phone. It’s super thin and lightweight. But the mobile photographer will enjoy the modular accessories you can use with it especially the Hasselblad True Zoom Mod. Just click the Hasselblad True Zoom on the Moto Z smartphone and instantly add 10x optical zoom lens to your phone. The Hasselblad works with many apps like, Snapchat and Periscope as well. $199+

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Moto Z – Insta-share Projector Mod

If the mobile photographer on your list enjoys sharing his/ her pictures often the Insta-Share Projector mod for a Moto Z phone is pretty dope also. Just like the rest of the Moto Mods, the Insta-Share Projector mod works pretty much plug and play with the Moto Z. Just snap the projector to the back of the Moto Z, turn it on, and adjust for viewing. The insta-share projector shares whatever is on your screen. You can turn off notifications to keep the screen focused on the main event. There are many deals at Verizon when purchasing a Moto Z smartphone and Moto Mods. $199+

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Skinit Skin / Case


If your mobile photographer is constantly on his / her phone (tablet or laptop) snapping and editing pics, a Skinit Custom skin might be a nice affordable gift. Decorate their gadget with the logo of their favorite team, favorite color or super hero. This gift of course is for the more popular phones and tablets. But you should also be able to find most laptops to skin. You’ll catch sales throughout the holiday season


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iKlip A/V

ik multimedia iklip av grip cruz

This is more for the videographer. The iKlip A/V from IK Multimedia (known for their mobile audio production software and hardware) is meant to provide professional audio when recording on smartphones. The grip helps maintain stability. It has a headphone output jack for real -time monitoring. I would say this gift is for the more serious videographer who still uses his/ her smartphone to make videos. IK Multimedia has tons of other accessories for a mobile studio.

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Kingston Data Travelermobile-photography-gift-guide-kingston-digital-datatraveler-microduo-usb-c-analie-cruz



Mobile Photography can take up a lot of space on your phone or tablet.  If storage is a problem for your giftee, the DataTraveler microDuo USB drive would be a small yet meaningful gift. This is great for those who have a phone /tablet without a removable SD card. The microDuo is available in microUSB and USB-C formats for easy transferring of files. You can buy them in different capacities of 16GB, 32GB. 64GB, and 128GB.  This is a great gift for anyone always running out of storage on their phone. Make sure you buy the right port though. $21+

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myCharge Battery Pack



Besides taking up time and storage to get the perfect picture, mobile photography (or videography, especially)  drains the battery of the device. Give the gift of power, battery power that is. myCharge battery packs come in all different sizes to accommodate  the occasion. You have a variety of types to choose from. The Hub Series has built-in cables for easy charging. There are battery packs the size of lipstick or as flat as a thin wallet. The RazerPlatinum is great for a full day of snappin’ pics. It has 13,400 mah capacity; making it capable of charging your phone multiple times. $39.99+


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