The Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset is the latest addition to the company’s arsenal of gaming accessories. Even though Logitech always puts out amazing headsets, I was convinced there was nothing that could make me put my G933’s into retirement. Although I have honestly enjoyed every headset they have – I was obsessed with their G933 .

Could the G533 Wireless Gaming Headset replace my G933? Let’s find out as I take a deeper look into Logitech’s new Wireless Headset.


One of the biggest features that attract gamers when they’re shopping for a new headset is comfortability. Logitech G has gone the extra mile to make sure that the G533 was lightweight and comfortable so that gamers won’t have to keep adjusting the headset.

The G533 ear cups are made up of removable and washable mesh foam. The sports mesh also picks up the moisture we usually get from playing some intense matches. It also comes in handy in case you spill a drink on your headset. Not only will it be easy to clean up, but you also won’t have to worry about them becoming damaged.

They’re lightweight, making them perfect for those long night streams, and games sessions. I was able to walk around the house with them, and totally forget that I even had them on.


Thanks to the Pro-G 40mm drivers, players will experience some of the best audio they’ve ever experienced. The G533 Wireless Headset has sound quality that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only does the G533 feature Logitech’s Pro-G drivers, but the wireless headset also features DTS Headphone X technology – allowing players to experience true 7.1 surround sound.

For me, sound plays a vital role while in-game. I rely on sound to figure out my next move. With the G533 I can hear every little aspect of the game, so if my enemy thinks he has the upper hand and tries to come from behind – I will be able to hear him coming before he can make his move. I also used the headset to watch movies, and the sound quality is absolutely amazing.


In order for you and your team to work together successfully, you must have excellent communication. Which means, no static, no background noise and the most annoying of all – your teammate breathing over the mic, because you can’t hear him, so he has to put the mic right by his mouth.

Logitech knows how annoying these unwanted noises are, so they decided against using traditional foam covers. The foam covers only cover a small amount of noise, so players will still be able to hear a teammate breathing and if you live in New York – like I do, you will also hear sirens and mass transit.

While using the G533 my teammates didn’t hear anything but my voice, the reason for that, Logitech uses a giant foam bubble, which sits in front of the mouth. There is a small 5mm long cloth pop filter that sits over the microphone, and this helps keep the audio clean and crisp. The mic is also adjustable, it extends and bends to fit you just right.

Wireless/Battery Life

The G533 is wireless and when fully charged the company says the headset can work for up to 15 hours. I found that the battery life actually exceeds 15 hours. I went 14 days without having to charge them, mind you – for three days straight I played over 8 hours of Paladins and SMITE.

The battery is also replaceable, so if you ever start to notice that the battery is starting to wear out, all you have to do is replace it, without having to replace the headset.

While the battery life outdoes itself, so does the wireless technology. According to Logitech, the G533 allows you to stay connected up to 15 meters; this has to be the longest range I have seen in any wireless headset. I would walk out the house to check the mail (while waiting for my match to start) and didn’t lose my team, they heard me perfectly fine, and even heard when my match was ready to begin.


So, the answer to the question of would I ever give up my G933’s for the G533? Yes. Absolutely!
Logitech’s latest headset blows away its predecessors. With the G533 you get a truly wireless headset that can last for days on a single charge, a wireless range that won’t make you feel trapped. The sound that comes out of the G533 is TRUE surround sound, something you won’t find in any other headset.

The G533 also has custom sound profiles, each game you play can have a different profile. You can change the levels for each of the seven audio channels. You can also reprogram your mute button and the volume control to whatever you like, just by using the Logitech Gaming Software.

When its comes down to it, you won’t find a better wireless headset. The G533 gives a gamer everything they want and need in a wireless gaming headset.

Price: 149.99
Platform: PC