iFrogz Impulse Wireless Earbuds Review

The Zagg iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds are affordable and simple to use? Are these earbuds better than stock phone earbuds?

iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds - Box Many of you know I enjoy using wireless headphones. At first it was just at the gym, but then it was almost always. If on the go, or talking on the phone . I’ve reviewed some expensive wireless earbuds. I checked out the iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds.


Design and Build

These earbuds are similar to other wireless earbuds. The earbuds are controlled by the 3 button clip at the center. The clip is magnetic. It allows you to clip the Impulse wireless to your top. The earbuds are lightweight and the cord is very thin. At the end of the wireless hub is the microUSB charging port. They are sweat-resistant (IPX2 rating). They are available in white and rose gold and black and silver.


iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds - control clip


The Impulse Wireless have 11mm drivers. Even thought the earbuds are small, they are very loud. I’ll say its volume over quality when going higher than 85 percent. At medium volume, you have an even sound. Vocals are loud, but the beats can get distorted. If you’re running outdoors with these, I recommend not putting the volume all the way up, since these can get really loud (at the expense of the sound quality). The sound is definitely a step up from the earbuds that come with your phone.


iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds - magnetic clip The Impulse Wireless earbuds are lightweight. When you use the right size earbuds, the headphones stay in place. The clip is pretty easy to use. I clip them to the strap of my gym tanktops or my the collar of my tees. It keeps the cable from jumping around which is great. I don’t wear my earbuds over my ears, unless there’s a hook/ clip, but it’s not comfortable to try to hook the Impulse Wireless over your ear.

iFrogz Impulse Wireless earbuds - Stock

They are easy to carry around also. You just wrap the earbuds around the hub. Unfortunately there is no bag to put them away in, so sometimes you might get lint on stuck on them. The white and rose gold were easy to clean.  Just used a damp wipe. Even after extensive use they are not loose or flimsy. The magnetic clip isn’t too strong either. If you tug on it enough you can pull the clip off.

Battery Life

Battery life is good on these. They don’t have a standby or doze feature. Be sure to turn them off. If use them for 2-3 hours a day, I only have to charge them about 3 times a week. They charge fully in about an hour and 15 minutes which is pretty decent.

Pricing and Availability

The iFrogz Impulse Wireless are very affordable at $34.99. I recommend them for someone starting out in the gym or someone who needs wireless earbuds but doesn’t want to invest heavily into wireless earbuds.

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