LG V30 – Hands-On and First Impressions #LGV30

#LGV30 - LG V30 -
The LG V30 comes fully packed with features. Check out the specs and our first impressions after a week with the phone. #LGV30

The LG V30 is now official. LG went full force with the V30 as it is packed with features. Check out the specs so you can see the powerhouse the LG V30 is.

LG V30 Homescreen


LG V30 Specs: 

Display: 6.0” Quad HD Full Vision OLED display 2880 x 1440 (538 ppi) 18:9 screen aspect ratio
Cameras: Rear-facing: 13 MP wide angle (120 degrees | f/ 1.9)  / 16MP Standard (F/1.6)
5-megapixel front-facing camera
Processor / RAM: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 / 4GB RAM
Memory: 64GB / Internal Memory (with expansion slot)
Battery: 3,300 mAh embedded battery / Wireless Charging / Quick Charge 3.0
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0/ Wi-Fi / NFC /USB-C / headphone jack
OS: Android Nougat 7.1.2
Features: IP68 Rating (water and dust resistant) / fingerprint scanner / Quad DAC

I have been using a pre-production model (this means it’s not final hardware and software) for a bit. After spending about a week with the device, I’d have to say that I am definitely satisfied and like where LG has taken the V30. LG’s V series is meant for someone who wants to get the most use out of the camera. With all the new features the V30’s camera has, the improved build, and gorgeous screen, this phone is definitely a hit.


LG V30 - LGV30 - Dual cameras and fingerprint scanner

The V30 looks like an updated and sleeker LG G6. A more refined look than last year’s V20, the V30 is easier on the eyes. The 6-inch screen and the embedded battery still don’t make the phone too heavy in hand. It’s actually lighter than the G6. It’s shorter than the V20, making it a bit more comfortable to hold and maneuver. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable phone to hold use with one hand though. It’s still a bit wide. But the V30 is still incredibly light for its size.

The rounded sides and curved edges along with the glass back, make the V30 a bit of a slippery device. The fingerprint scanner is placed below the cameras, at a comfortable spot to reach. The 18:9 Full Vision display is beautiful and nearly bezeless. The screen is bright and crisp. I’m glad there’s one more phone to use to my wireless charging pad. You won’t find an IR blaster on the V30. You also won’t find the second front display. It has been replaced with a floating bar. You can adjust the settings and placement of the floating bar.



LG V30 - LGV30 - Camera interface

The front facing camera isn’t my favorite. It’s not the greatest one out there. The V30 does have dual rear cameras, the wide-angle and the first f/1.6 camera on a smartphone. LG has worked to reduce the fish-eye curve effect the wide-angle lens has. If you prefer wide-angle over telephoto, you can’t go wrong with the V30. The wide-angle lens still captures a lot of detail.  LG has introduced these features on the camera app:

Point Zoom: Point Zoom is located in the Cine Video mode. With Point Zoom you can pick a subject and zoom in on it while filming, instead of just zooming to the center of your viewing area. Be sure to pick the Point Zoom option before filming.

LG V30 Camera settings menu


Graphy allows you to use preset settings for different situations (meaning the white balance, Aperture, Exposure timer, and ISO are all preset for various settings). For example, if you want to snap pictures of fireworks or a sunset, there are preset settings for that. You can download more with the Graphy app.


If the LG V30 is a phone meant for creators, then LG ha definitely delivered with the options on their camera app. I’m sure there are some who are disappointed that LG has removed the removable battery, but LG did go a long time with it. I love that water resistance is becoming a standard on phones. Official pricing and availability hasn’t been announced. Will keep you posted, along with a full review to come.

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