Autonomous Launches the SmartDesk 3, An AI-Powered Standing Desk

The SmartDesk 3 workstation from Autonomous does more than change height. It helps you work smarter. Learn how it can help you work smarter.

The Standing Desk has become popular in the last couple of years. There are added health and productivity benefits have made them welcome additions to the home and workspaces. Autonomous, a company that makes smart office products just introduced the SmartDesk 3 workstation, a motorized desk.

SmartDesk 3 - Autonomous

SmartDesk 3 Features

Taking the standing desk to the next level, the SmartDesk 3 can be used standing or sitting. You can adjust it to your desired preference. If you happen to be sitting for too long the desk reminds you it’s time to stand up. The desk goes from 24 inches to 50 inches. But the SmartDesk 3 does way more than change height. It has a tablet built in (7-inch screen), which runs the Autonomous operating system (“It powers and connects all smart office products to help people work smarter“).

You check into the SmartDesk 3 and it gets to “know you”. It syncs with your Google Calendar, so it knows your appointments. You can upload your Spotify playlists as well. The virtual assistant in the OS will remind you when it’s time to stand, drink water, it can order your lunch, and an Uber. It even controls some smart devices like Nest thermostat and Lifx lighting.

The tablet sits to the left of the desk at an angle. Check the video below for a better view.

You can help fund the SmartDesk 3 in their Kickstarter HERE

SmartDesk 3 - Autonomous - tasks

The SmartDesk3 is available in 3 colors; Classic White, Titan Black, and Greyscale. Listed features from the Autonomous website:

  • Adjust Height by Desk
  • Order Food by
  • Enhance Input by Pad
  • Call Uber by Uber
  • Control Lights by Lifx
  • Play Music by Spotify
  • Next Appointment by Meet
  • Weather by OpenWeatherMap
  • Remind Water by Autonomous


Pricing and Availability

Right now the SmartDesk 3 starts at $499 for early bird special pricing. According to the site, they ship for free in North America. Learn more about the SmartDesk 3 HERE

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You can help fund the SmartDesk 3 in their Kickstarter HERE