Esports Tickets launches its platform for all Esports Events

As the esport scene continues to grow – more and more companies are making platforms to cater to not only the Pro Players needs, but as well as fans. Fans will go out of their way to see what Tournament is coming up, so they can plan to attend the event, or watch it at home. One company is making it easier for fans, as well as players to find tournaments, conferences and even some of your favorite influencers on one site.

Esports Tickets launched its esports platform this week. Esports Tickets is an esports startup based in Toronto, Canada. The company was Founded in 2017. This platform is the ultimate destination for online, as well as offline events that focuses on esports and gaming. The site provides event management, ticketing, localization, gamification features to its customers on the platform, Esports Tickets aims to become a combination of Ticketmaster and Eventbrite for esports.

Esports Tickets works with organizers, tournaments, influencers, conferences, programs, and more, to help reach their customers, produce successful events and increase and retain customer engagement with their brands pre-and post-event.

Of the company’s recent private beta, Esports Tickets CEO Arwina Mogul said, “Receiving interest from hundreds of companies and organizers within the esports space further proves that the community has been waiting for a platform like Esports Tickets to come along. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and I’m looking forward to building new and existing relationships with organizers.”

Here are some of the features Esports Tickets has to offer:

– User-friendly event management system where organizers can create events for free.

– Comprehensive and powerful search tool where users can use different event or game filters.

– Gamification throughout the customer’s experience with Esports Tickets and the events listed on the platform.

– Several Ticketing options (free, paid, donations, crowdfunding and more).

If you are interested in the site, the Beta is now live – all you have to do is make a profile, and your set. This is the perfect site to find everything Esports related.