Check it Out: Magnolia March AudioFest at Best Buy

Magnolia March Audiofest runs through April 7th at Best Buy. Check out what Best Buy has to offer during this period of premium audio sales.

If you’re looking to upgrade your tech at home, you need a good audio system. Home theater setups can range from simple soundbars to extensive home theater systems that include multiple speakers and subwoofers (for example 5.1 or a 7.2 setup). Now would be the time to buy the premium audio gear for your dope audio system setup.

Magnolia March AudioFest

Magnolia’s March AudioFest is one month of remarkable deals on the premium audio gear of your dreams. Enjoy savings on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products and so much more. With special weekly savings, great deals online and other amazing offers they can only offer in their stores, you’ll want to check back often. It’s March AudioFest; extraordinary audio at incredible prices, all month long – enjoy!

Magnolia isn’t just video gear. Audio is very much a part of it. The right audio setup is necessarily especially if you enjoy is what helps immerse you in a movie and get the full experience. With Magnolia’s premium selection of audio gear from the world’s most sought-after brands, you’ll be experiencing a home entertainment environment where the walls magically melt away and you find yourself transformed to a world where your entertainment truly comes to life. These brands include, Denon, Polk Audio, Samsung, Sony and more. Everything from receivers, to turn tables and 4K UHD Blu-Ray

Magnolia March AudioFest - Savings

If you’re ready to experience premium audio at great prices, stop by a Magnolia store before March AudioFest is done.  The premium audio gear ranges in pricing, so there is something for all budgets. This includes savings on soundbars, shelf systems, and even some smart speakers (for multi-room audio setup)You have a few more days.  More information HERE: Magnolia March Audiofest