Check it Out: EVEN Pop up Store in NYC

EVEN H3 Headphones - NYC Pop-up -

EVEN H3 headphones

With the trend of pop-up shops happening, there’s always something new to check out, especially in New York. Last week I had the chance to check out the EVEN NYC Popup Store in Soho, New York. EVEN is focused on tuning to each listener’s unique sound with the help of engineers and technology. They have pods at the shop where you can check out the EVEN H3 headphones (their newest pair). I had the chance to get what they call an EarPrint. You put on the headphones, and they give walk you through a sort-of hearing test. Using the “Even” button on the right ear-cup, you identify where you hear the sound. You can demo the EarPrint test on

EVEN H3 Headphones - NYC Pop-up -

EVEN hopes that by you testing the headphones, you’ll understand what true sound quality is.  The pop up shop has also been hosting events during its time open. The events vary from day-to-day. You can also heck out the event calendar on their site. Right now, the Even H3 headphones go for $149.

From the Press Release 

As part of the Pop Up experience, EVEN has partnered with legendary Brooklyn-based record store Human Head to bring everyone back to their music-loving roots where guests can browse and purchase their favorite vinyl. The store will feature upcoming and established artists throughout the month of June with live performances, record release parties, round table discussions with industry leaders, and more. Check out all of the events and register for your favorites at